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Vinyasa Flow Yoga – a dynamic and creative form of yoga linking breath and movement, tradition and modernity, strength and flexibility. After a class you feel energized, empowered and happy!

Group Classes

In my classes I provide a safe environment for you to explore, connect to your inner self and play your edge, while respecting everyone’s body. I teach challenging yet fun Vinyasa Flow yoga classes, get ready to sweat and laugh!

Check out my schedule for *Group classes *Workshops*

Private Classes 

If you want tailor-made and personal yoga coaching, I also offer private classes on one-on-one or small group basis, either live or by Skype. Interested? Contact me for details and rates 🙂 (packages of minimum 4 classes).

“As a beginner, it has been a true pleasure to work with Emmanuelle. During the four private lessons we have worked together, Emmanuelle has with her smiling enthusiasm slowly and pedagogically guided me through some of the most important yoga postures and breathing techniques step by step.  With a laugh never far away, she encouraged me to explore what yoga can do to your body and mind.  I really enjoyed,  and learned a lot, when we cut the sun salutations into pieces, repeated it all several times to get it “right” from the very beginning. I am really grateful that I got the opportunity to start my yoga journey with Emmanuelle and with this experience I feel that I will get more out of the group classes.” Lisa E., Brussels


Vinyasa Flow Yoga – un style dynamique et créatif associant respiration et mouvement, tradition et modernité, force et souplesse . Après un cours vous vous sentirez plein d’énergie, plus fort(e) et heureux(-se)! 

Cours Collectifs

Lors de mes cours vous avez tout loisir d’explorer, de vous connecter à votre vrai vous et de jouer avec vos limites, dans un environnement sûr et le respect du corps de chacun. Je donne des cours de Vinyasa Flow yoga, dynamiques, stimulants et sans se prendre au sérieux, préparez-vous à transpirer et à vous amuser !

Consultez mon agenda pour *Cours collectifs *Workshops*

Cours Privés
Si vous souhaitez un coaching yoga plus personnalisé, j’offre aussi des cours privés sur base individuelle ou en petits groupes, soit en live soit par Skype. Contactez-moi pour infos et prix 🙂 (package de 4 cours minimum).

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