Your Questions Answered

Hey, finally!

So you guys, this is the last post on Plans On A Comet. Ok there will be a short one when my new website launches, so you know where to find me. POAC will stay put so my archives will always be available. If that’s of any interest to you guys, ahem.

I am moving to a bigger house, one where I can do renos when I want to, which is more in line with who I am right now. It will also be my business home as I am shifting gears right now. POAC and its predecessor Des Hauts et des Bananes have been my home for a while as I have shared my journey to creating the life I want to live, my transition, hopes, fears and dreams, and I will always be grateful for you cheering up on me. Now I am not saying that I have made it but it’s a good step to make a real difference in people’s lives and make a living out of it, ’cause I kinda need to source dark chocolate, always. Do not fear, though, I am changing sites but I am not becoming an old fart with no humour. You know me by now, I can’t be serious all the freaking time, that’s not me 🙂

Anyway, let’s end this with a bang. Your questions, my answers, yeah!

Cindiasked if Belgium was still as beautiful as she remembers and why I came to live here in the first place. Well Cindi, Belgium might not be the most striking country ever but it has its hidden treasures and yes, it is beautiful. I came here because of work, very simply. I was supposed to stay for 3 weeks, it’s been 12 years. Oh my…

Jill wanted to know what made me decide to go from yoga practitioner to yoga teacher. I think you have heard this countless times, but again it’s very simple: yoga has made me realize how powerful I really was and I wanted to share that. You know, the stuff is good, you wanna pass it around and not keep it to yourself. Like good dark chocolate, only the effects last longer.

My dear friend Meredith asked me how my crazy kitty has inspired me. So, yeah, this little fur ball has made such a difference in our lives… I had never thought you could love a lil’ pet as much as we love her, she’s been a joy to live with. Mostly she has been repeatedly showing me how to live in the present moment. No questions asked, not too much thinking, she wants something she goes for it. She’s brought a lot more play into my life (especially when she wants to play and you are writing an über serious post, but how can you write when you have tiny teeth sinking in your fingers?). And also, unconditional love. It is said that cats are independent and don’t give a sh*t about you unless you feed them. Of course they want food, who doesn’t, but she’s also a giver, and she gives us a lot, trust me on that one 🙂

Sabrina asked about my journey as an artist / writer / yoga teacher. Tough one, there’s not really a linear story I can really tell. Yoga has opened up things in me that were buried deep down, under the belief that I was not creative. But I started writing on blogs and online magazines, I pulled my paints and crayons and papers from the cave I had hidden them, and things happened organically. Right now my art has taken a back seat, to be honest, but whenever I feel the urge I draw / paint / collage. When I make art, write, or move on my mat, I feel fully myself. Full self expression in various forms 🙂

And Paula, fellow bilingual blogger, asked why I write in English. When I started blogging I wrote in French, but to put it bluntly, my readership is mostly located in North America and, er, no one understood what I wrote 😀 I have always loved the English language and my influences are definitely British. It’s a pleasure to be writing in English and learning new things every time I read your blogs my fellow bloggers, so thank you all for keeping me on my English toes 😀

Phew! You know what? I’ll be doing again these Q&A things on my new website, it’s FUN. And you know what? By next time, I’ll have learned how to work the video software on my lil’ computer, that could be even more fun!

Stay tuned for my new address. I first said I would move there on the 15th, but let’s take some pressure off (off my shoulders that is, man!) and … next Monday, that will be it. So. Excited!

Have a great week peeps, and get ready for some juicy goodness coming your way next week!