Music Monday – Joy


Joy, or my word of the month of February. Yes, I have a “word of the year” AND a “word of the month”. Says me.

Let me tell you a little story: Saturday morning I finally went for the massage my body and soul had been requesting loudly for a long time. I think I had never felt my shoulder blades sliding to the sides of my body this way, nor the gap between each of my ribs. It felt like a steamroller was playing the xylophone with every bone in my upper back. I had never realized I was so tight and tense, to the point that the massage therapist told me I should do stretching exercises (the look on her face when I told her I was a yoga teacher was priceless).

While she was crushing every bone up there, I could feel the tension, the tightness, the contraction. How ironic, when my word for this year is “expand”. I had an epiphany, right there on the massage table: what came up in my head was “I need to breathe in more space and joy”. That was it. Joy, this word has stuck with me for the last couple of days.

I do experience joy when I teach and coach, but what about the rest of the day? Well, not so much. I have such a tight grip on the way I work – and live! – that I forget how to let loose and breathe into what I do. Even though I am learning to surrender, the control freak inside of me doesn’t let go so easily.

The thing is, if you let it in charge for too long, there is no room for delight and joy, there is no room for serendipity, there is no room for opportunities. 

I have opened the door just a bit, now’s the time to slam it open and invite joy on every level, in every area of my life.

Expand, yes, every minute of every day.

What is *your* word of the month to come? 

PS: have you seen Tanja‘s lovely review of my Little Guidebook of Daily Intentions? Thanks Tanja!


5 responses to “Music Monday – Joy

  1. Joy and grace have been two words I’ve been playing with. I am so used to muscling through life in attempt to exercise my perfectionist tendencies. It’s a softer more organic approach when we allow joy to seep into everything we do. Love your post!

  2. Emmanuelle, my word for the year is Trust. I didn’t realize I had challenges with trust until it was pointed out to me. And, I too have monthly words. January is focus. I’ve been working on a product to launch on 2/2/12 and the word for February is courage. This fits because I need courage to market myself. A little bit of expansion sounds like a great idea as well.

  3. @Carrie: thank you for your comment, and I so hear you on the perfectionist tendencies??? 😉

    @Loran: congrats on your product, and I wish you all the courage in the world, marketing is not easy. Stepping out of your comfort zone will be a great learning experience I am sure 🙂

  4. Joy. That word is one of my guiding principles in life. I have a necklace with “joy” written on it. I truly believe in Joy. It is, and continues, to be my word (along with a few others). Here’s to joy! Lots and lots of it.

  5. Oh, my, this: “I do experience joy when I teach and coach, but what about the rest of the day? Well, not so much.”


    Exactly. Grippyness abounds…

    And now I must go schedule that massage that I was supposed to have weeks ago…

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