Music Monday – Surrender


This January month, well… it’s been weird. I’ve been having a hard start to 2012, which only seemed to truly begin for me on the day of my birthday (7 January, write that down once and for all. And shower me with dark chocolate, thankyouverymuch). Since then, I’ve had sucky days and sticky weeks.

I chose to take some distance, go with the flow and not try to swim upstream. I tried the upstream thing, and the outcome was not pretty, trust me on that one.

As you may know, I was forced to be at the office more than I wanted, more than what I am used to. At first I fought this, I thought it was a step further back, I thought my Grand Scheme was going awry, and I fought it with all my heart. Only to end up drained and cast away on a dead shore.

Then I chose to relax into it, observe my thoughts and feelings, let the lesson, whatever it would be, being taught to me. I have learned the true meaning of “surrender”.

Friends, to put it bluntly, sometimes the s**t hits the fan and as much as you fight it, it still happens. “Sit back and relax” is not easy, far from it. And it doesn’t mean that you give up, oh nonononono. The Universe, or whatever you want to call it, has a way of teaching you a thing or two that become apparent once you choose to observe. 

I’ll be brutally honest: I have doubted, yes – you can’t be cheerful all the bloody time, unless you’re a Care Bear (last time I checked, I was not covered in fur and rainbows were not coming out of my round belly). I have cried, I have thought of giving up and settling in, I have considered – ohmyguru – staying put.

Well, after a week of letting things be, I am back. I have gained even more clarity on where I am headed and I am more determined than ever to serve and make a positive difference. I see me when I work here and I see me when I coach or teach yoga, and man, is there a difference in how I feel when I do these things. So yeah, I am back.

What will it be, swim upstream or go with the flow?


17 responses to “Music Monday – Surrender

  1. It’s so hard isn’t it when we think we are in control!? Some of my greatest lessons on compassion, patience, trust, letting go come from places like “the office”. If I can remember to surrender, the lessons flow. Thank you for this Emmanuelle! I too have been swimming upstream since January. I think I’ll float back down the stream now. lol! Namaste’ friend:)

  2. Happy (not-so-long-past) birthday, Emmanuelle!

    What you said here: ” …you can’t be cheerful all the bloody time, unless you’re a Care Bear…” is so true, but often a truth neglected.

    I love that you share both the flowing parts & the struggling parts of your journey, Thank you for this!

  3. I’m definitely a go with the flow kinda gal, but every once and awhile a beaver dam stops the flow and I just have to go around it. The dams make us smarter 🙂


  4. so glad to have you back. 🙂

  5. Holy wow! I am a long-time U2 fan but I had somehow FORGOTTEN about this song.. I mean, last year my Word of the Year was Surrender, how could I have forgotten?

    Your first paragraphs brings to me “Nothing changes.. on New Year’s Day.” 🙂

  6. I make a terrible Care Bear. My husband has been at home recovering from surgery and asthma attacks. I’ve been doing the dance of acceptance/resistance since January 9 so I totally get what you are talking about, Emmanuelle!

  7. Happy belated bday! The Universe won’t let us down, that’s for sure…giving us what we need to wake us up……and if we don’t listen…….boom, here comes more!
    thank you for sharing Emmanuelle………so glad you’re back!

  8. No rainbows coming out of my belly here either!
    It’s hard to release the tight grip we have on things, but you’re right, when we surrender and take notice then we get ourselves back x

  9. Hey thanks ladies, I appreciate your comments a lot, and I hope we all get to dance with the Universe 🙂

  10. Wonderful post! Thanks for the reminder about going with the flow. I have a hard time giving in too, but it is necessary to getting ourselves back on track and regaining clarity. Oh, and Happy Late Birthday!! xoxo

  11. i noted i’m w/meredith on your flow or go coin toss

    loved, “sucky days and sticky weeks” & “drained and cast away on a dead shore”

    you must be the most persistently honestly conscientious self-explorer i’ve come across in quite a while –

    i “think” that’s a compliment 😉

  12. Dark night of the soul. Without it, there is no morning.


  13. Happy belated birthday Emmanuelle! And I am with you completely – as much as I’d like to be a Care Bear all the time, sometimes we do have to just let the Universe steer us into the direction we need to go (and patiently and willingly go with the flow). So that’s my vote – go with the flow 🙂

    Glad to have you back and happy that you surrendered to the wisdom of self 😉


  14. For 2012 I chose “receive” to be my word of the year which is proving to be a daily lesson in surrender. Like most humans when confronted with discomfort or difficulty, my usual response is to try to take action…now I’m stopping myself and checking in with the deeper energy current. More often than not it tells me to go with the flow 🙂

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