Music Monday – Lesson learned

Aka “10 life-and-biz lessons I learnt from having a crappy week, or so I thought it was crappy and in the end I was also guilty as charged, mea culpa”

(see? I told you I was anal, “learned” will never come easy for me)

1. Be here now: the only moment that matters is now. No use to rehash the past and wish things had gone another way. No use to make up stories about what might happen in the future. You don’t know what is going to happen in the future. Surrender.

2. Don’t be attached to the outcome: once you put yourself out there, you have done your work. The way people respond to it is not yours to control. Truth is, you can’t.

3. You are not your work. Your business is not you. Even when you are a solopreneur. You are bigger than your work, and your work is bigger than you. Ha! Ok let me explain: your work is only a part of yourself, but beyond that, you are *you* as a whole, your work doesn’t define you. Still your work is bigger than you as soon as it connects you with the world (your clients / students). Your work is not all about you.

4. And if you are an entrepreneur / solopreneur, I have news for you: your business is alive, separate from you. It’s an entity in itself. You might be the engine, but see above.

5. The Push-and-shove approach only works for a limited period of time. At some point, you will need to go easy on yourself.

6. And your business? You will need to go easy on it too. I told you, it’s an entity in itself, it needs nurturing and caring too.

7. Practice yoga, or run, of dance, but move. ’nuff said.

8. That “who do you think you are?” question? Well, answer it. Face it. Except, don’t let the monkey mind answer. What do you feel when you ask yourself that question?

9. Don’t make hasty decisions when you feel like shit. Sit with it, face your fears and feelings, and wait for the right response to sink it.

10. Get.Some.Sleep. And have dark chocolate. The world looks different already.

Oh, and for extra goodness, check out Gina’s blog today: I am there, busting anxiety! See you there 🙂

8 responses to “Music Monday – Lesson learned

  1. Thank you for reminding me about the importance of non-attachment and presence!

  2. Yes, yes, a million times, yes! These are the lessons I’m learning the hard way, too. But the more we cock it up, the more we learn (up to a point) and the better we get.

  3. All I remember from this was dark chocolate…

  4. For me, my business is like my baby. You really want to look after it, control it, (s)mother it. But ultimately it’s its own person and you have to let it grow accordingly.

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