Music Monday – Killing Moon

YAY, full Moon today! Which can mean hell for some of us, right?

(On a side note, allow me to brag: how EPIC is that to be posting an Echo & The Bunnymen song, and their best for that matter? Do I love up to my indie chick rep or what?) 

So what to do when your energy level is not exactly shooting through the rooftop? Read on, I got a few words for you:

1. First, face it. Sometimes trying to pretend you’re not having a crappy day or you’re in a bad mood won’t let it go away. It will make it even worse.

2. Wanna duck under the covers? You might as well do it. Take a good book, curl up on your couch, get a cup of your favourite hot beverage and you’re all set.

3. Chocolate. I mean, it’s ME, how could I even think of not mentioning chocolate? But remember guys: everything in moderation 😉

4. Don’t think too much. Sometimes you want to find what’s wrong with you, or why you feel what you feel when you should be happy and you do everything you should to be happy and live your dream. Maybe there’s no answer. Maybe you’re just having a crappy day, and there’s nothing behind it.

5. Which brings me to the next point: gratitude. Don’t laugh, it works. Think about everything you have / are / do that you can be grateful about. Being you is already something, you know.

6. Save the “urgent & important” for tomorrow. You know you will do them anyway, and that down day might be exactly what you need.

7. Dance to the radio. Seriously. When the radio is on and a good tune comes your way, get up and move. (works best when you’re preparing breakfast and your – freaking out – kitty is your dancing companion. I would love to be my neighbour then).

8. Where you are is exactly where you should be. It will all come together in the end. Breathe into it and you’ll be fine.

9. Book a Serenity Session with me, or grab the Little Guidebook of Daily Intentions for half the price (5 days to go for my BDay Sale!) 😉

Take care of yourself dear, that’s what matters most! Now go do what feels right for you and let it be 🙂

6 responses to “Music Monday – Killing Moon

  1. I’m all for dancing to the radio – sometimes getting out of a funky mood is just letting the body move and shake up the stale energy!

    I find that sometimes it helps to just get quiet and let my body tell me what it needs.

    Thanks for all the suggestions!

    The Pleasure Nutritionist

  2. I really like this list! Anything that gives me permission to curl up under the covers with a novel and chocolate!

    Also, I just wrote a huge post on gratitude, so I really like your point 5! 🙂

  3. It is impossible, I think, for a funky mood to survive ten to fifteen minutes of sweaty dancing. 🙂

  4. I’m in for grabbing some dark chocolate of course…..oh yeah, forgot I just had some, lol.
    Love these suggestions Emmanuelle!
    I think I’ll do a little full moon jig tonight too! 🙂

  5. You’re absolutely right! I especially like #6 “leave the urgent and important for tomorrow”. It’s better to come back and tackle that kind of stuff with the right energy, or risk just making things worse.
    And chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is always a good idea!!

  6. Thank you ladies for your comments! I can see chocolate always helps, right? 😉

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