A Birthday Present – Sale!

Tomorrow is my birthday. And Plans On a Comet’s first anniversary in this form, incidentally. Ok maybe it was not so incidentally after all. 

I remember starting a lil’ blog, a few years ago, called Des Hauts et des Bananes, on Blogspot. The story behind it? Well, I was not happy in my job, looking for my path, and I didn’t want to make Lovely Boyfriend’s ears bleed from too much whining and complaining. So I found an outlet here on the web, not looking particularly to make connections or “build an audience” as marketing moguls say.

After a while I moved to WordPress, and 364 days ago I changed the name and upgraded to Plans On A Comet.

Meanwhile I have found my path, fiercely running to meet my dreams. Meanwhile I have met so many people, so many beautiful souls, so many wonderful yogis and yoginis, creative spirits, goddesses, mentors, and dare I say even if I haven’t met you in person, friends.

And for these blessings, I am forever grateful.

I have hinted several times at Plans On a Comet living its last moments. It will still be around for a lil’ while, the time it will take to switch gears and take my heart-centered business up a notch, the time it will take for my kick ass web designer and I to finish my new online incarnation. My current house has become too small for me, and I am preparing to move out. 

See? Many things to celebrate!

So I am declaring today my B-Day Week Kickoff, and I have decided to give *you* a birthday present: as of NOW until Friday 13 January, at 23:59:59 (no kidding, I am anal like this), you get 50% off the Little Guidebook of Daily Intentions! 

How? Easy: go to this link, and enter the coupon code BDAY50. The discount will show after you update the cart, and you’re good to go.

Happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy new year, happy everything you want to celebrate! 


6 responses to “A Birthday Present – Sale!

  1. Thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It’s a beautiful guidebook.

    May you have a most glorious year filled with everything your heart desires.

    The Pleasure Nutritionist

  2. So excited to see all your growth into your new home :).
    Happy Birthday Emmanuelle! so happy to have crossed your path :).

  3. Happy (almost) birthday and anniversary!

  4. Happy Birthday Emmanuelle! I am so happy to be getting to know you!

  5. Thank you lovelies for your kind words, I feel blessed to know you all 🙂

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