Music Monday – Enjoy the Silence

© Emmanuelle Lambert

Saturday I taught my first workshop. And yesterday I did nothing. Slept late, cleaned the house a bit, played with kitty outside, took pictures of beautiful leaves touched by morning dew, read comics and fiction, and watched mindless entertainment in the form of US shows (sorry guys, but seriously, you’re the best at this).

Yes, I took a savasana Sunday. I mean, I didn’t do anything work related and the only body shakin’ I did was dancing in the kitchen to the radio, under the unfazed watch of Lulu the Krazy Kitty – I admit, it took me a lil’ bit longer to clean said kitchen, but it was WAY MORE FUN that way. And it didn’t look like work.

When you start a lil’ business, you work like a dog. Holding down the day job while keeping an eye on your “true work” email just in case… Writing classes, studying, doing doing doing… You can’t be stopped. Until your body and mind beg you to stop.

I have already written several times about pausing, about cutting back on the net, about giving yourself some time to rest, while in true Type A fashion I couldn’t quite go the whole nine yards altogether. Then on Sunday, I did no work related thing whatsoever. Didn’t open the computer and didn’t turn the phone on. And you know what? It felt GOOD. AMAZINGLY GOOD.

Now I am back, for the last week before a lil’ holiday break. In Dijon, France. I am not taking my computer with me. I will rest and reflect on my 2011 with my pen and paper, away from distractions. Because people stop too, and they won’t send you a thousand emails while you are off for a week. They will be off too.

Why not take the time to enjoy the present moment, with your family or your partner or your pet, and leave all your worries behind, for once?

Today there is no music. No distractions or stimuli from outside. Just rest, and enjoy the silence.


9 responses to “Music Monday – Enjoy the Silence

  1. very happy with myself for having an enture weekend off! Sadly my brain went into freak out mode and got depressed…it’s just not used the the void!!! I made banana & chocolate muffins for it and it felt much better 🙂

  2. I am looking forward to the hollidays and taking a break from the computer, emails and all! It’s amazing when I allow myself to just ignore the computer and take some time for myself- it’s a great feeling and nice to know the world will not fall apart!

  3. nice Susanna. I liked reading your description of your day and congratulations on teaching your first workshop!!

  4. Emmanuelle,
    So glad you enjoyed your day of silence! I might have to make every Sunday, Savasana Sunday. Have a wonderful holiday!!!

  5. Thank you ladies for your kind words 🙂
    Susanne if you have any banana and chocolate muffins… 😉

  6. Hola Emmanuelle!
    SO love this! I have one day a week where I don’t go on the computer… really feels like a must for me……and if I don’t do it one week, I don’t bash myself either for not taking the day……but I think tech breaks really are important. So wonderful that you’re not taking your computer on your holiday break…….I bet you’ll enjoy the holiday even more that way!
    much love and thank you for an awesome post.
    ps. that pic is awesome! love it!

  7. I LOVE THIS!!! I remember so clearly the first time I got rundown after starting a new business adventure. Taking a break did not occur to me. I have gotten better at it by now. But you have reminded me of the need to rest once again.

  8. I think when we work for ourselves we forget that the boundaries of 9-5 can actually.. be good for us. Weekends can be all work and no play because we’ve forgotten this. Go you for having a savasana Sunday!

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