How to Have a Sucky Day, and Turn it Around

© Emmanuelle Lambert

Not all days are absolutely brilliant and filled with love, even on a comet.

Yesterday, I had one those days. Correction: yesterday, I made my day sucky. How’s that? you may ask. Easy: I was tired, had lower back pain, and decided everything would suck. Nothing bad happened, I only decided that everything would suck. And trust me, it did. The Universe told me “ok, you want to have a crappy day? Then so be it”.

And because I decided everything sucked, I decided that I sucked too. You know, these twisted thoughts your mind likes to come up with? They crept right back up. 

So after a lovely coaching session with my Consciousness Coaching peer, I came up with a strategy to go through this kind of day and turn my thinking around, get out of my stories and come back to myself.

Here’s what I devised, it might help:

1. Acknowledge where you are. Acknowledge your feeling and your thinking, admit it and accept it. Resisting the situation will only make it worse.

2. Breathe. Sounds obvious right? If need be, lock yourself in the bathroom, stand or sit with your feet firmly planted on the ground, close your eyes, and take three long deep breaths down to your belly.

3. Meditate. Even if you only have two minutes, take them to observe your thoughts, create the distance between you and them. Remember: you are not your thoughts.

4. Question the thoughts, one by one. Take one thought, and ask yourself if it is the truth. Not your perception of it, but the absolute truth. Kind of brings perspective, eh?

5. If it helps, you can journal it. I find writing to be very cathartic. Getting things off your chest on paper is slightly more helpful than barking at people who have no idea what is going on (oops).

6. Affirm. Replace the thought by an affirmation *you* have come up with, something you want to manifest or you feel strongly about, something coming from your gut.

Turn your day around.

Today, I am still tired. And I still feel pain in the lower back. Today, I have set out an intention and made the decision to take care of what is most important. And today, I won’t let my monkey mind take over. I heard what it had to say, and now I am back. So there.


Need inspiration for intentions? I have what you need.

Need help to turn your days and life around? I got that too

6 responses to “How to Have a Sucky Day, and Turn it Around

  1. Isn’t it funny how what you are feeling in your body can directly affect your mood? Glad you turned your day around. I had a very similar experience yesterday…

  2. Emmanuelle,
    I love your strategy!!! Such great reminders on taking back your power. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I had never thought that bad days could be headed off and restarted until early this year when someone else mentioned that they rebooted by going back to bed for 15 minutes and starting over whenever they had a crappy day. How great is that?! I love all these suggestions and have unconsciously used some of them before. Definitely worth the little bit of effort to save your day!

  4. This is wonderful and so true!

    Yesterday I had a belly bug and today I have a major headache, but instead of letting it rule my world I’m taking some me-time to relax and not ceate more dis-ease around it. We all need time to take care of ourselves.


  5. Oh I have had those days for sure! I am a firm believer that our thought scan make or break our days- the trick is reminding myself on those days where my “monkey mind” is intent on breaking the day! I just now envisioned taking a picture of a monkey saying “what’ll it be? Make or break?”- hmmm I am off to get my National Geographic mags to find me a moneky picture- I post it in my work area…..

  6. Oh, I so agree with you Emmanuelle! I love Ellie’s idea, too – although for me, the specifics don’t matter. What matters is removing yourself from the place where you’re stuck. I like to take a break from work, eat a snack, do some yoga, and come back to things…it helps me out a lot.

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