Music Monday – There’s a Fine, Fine Line

(and come on, posting something from Avenue Q, only this has just made my day).

Last time we met,  I posted about getting things done.  Where basically I was telling you to just DOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEETTT!

Today, I am going be adding a little bit of nuance: DOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTT. Unless you want to DOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEETTT because it’s good for your ego, not good for you and those around you. 

It’s such a fine line between doing real work and doing a lot. A lil’ story: some time ago, I believed that checking my email every five minutes was me doing my work. Not so long ago, I believed that doing MORE was the way to go. Some time ago, I believed I had to do everything by myself.

Some time ago, my thinking was screwed up.

Checking your email every five minutes means you worry over not getting replies and being active over being productive. Doing more doesn’t mean more meaningful. Doing everything by yourself means not taking care of yourself.

For me, it was all down to worrying. The bloody worrying. Mind in action, ego and identity in charge, but where was I? I was the little child pushed to the corner of the room, left alone, and crying because no one likes her. Or so she THINKS.

I have been doing a lot of things because I had a genuine interest in them, I love learning. I have also been doing some stuff only for the sake of what we call in Consciousness Coaching “looking good”. You look good to people, they like you, lovely.

Howevah. What about doing stuff because it is inspiring you? How about saying yes because you have so much to offer instead of looking for something you (think you) want? How about working from a place of abundance instead of from a place of lack?

So yeah, DOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTT if you feel truly like doing it, not because you think you “should”. Before making a decision, close your eyes, feel the earth beneath your feet, tune in to your body: is it a yes or a no? 

Don’t be afraid, and trust. Your right people will find you. 


3 responses to “Music Monday – There’s a Fine, Fine Line

  1. Oh Avenue Q, how I love thee.

    I so hear you about the email thing! I’ve cut back and only check once in the morning and answer things at night. SO MUCH BETTER FOR MY BRAIN. Having just started an online biz, though, I’m still working on the balance between actual, healthy productivity and being so busy that I make myself sick (literally). Still learning to walk the fine, fine line.

  2. Oh I know this too well, sometimes I get so bogged down by worry and checking responses that I don’t “do it!” I remember getting an automatic e-mail response from a blog I submitted a post to and it was lovely because she said something like this: “please note inkeeping with my belief in the importance of self care I only respond to my e-mail once a day at (time) ”
    I think I need to do that so I can get down to other creative endeavours!
    Thanks for the reminder!

  3. @ Ellie: Love Avenue Q too 😉 I get you on the biz, I am also trying to find the right balance and do things that really matter, instead of keeping me in the illusion I actually get some work done!

    @ Petrea: oh I had one like this too, from Jenn / Roots of She, I loved it! And you’re welcome 🙂

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