Music Monday – Where Is My Mind?

(best Pixies song ever. Or maybe not. Anyway, kick-ass song, no matter what)

Let’s play a game, shall we? We shall call it “Where is Emmanuelle?”

In November, Emmanuelle was at Nanowrimo (and won, by the way. Not to brag or anything. But I won. 50 000 words. Yup. Proud. ). Emmanuelle was also busy writing the Little Guidebook of Daily Intentions (which, by the way, you can get here, and you can totally pay what you want because that’s how I roll). Emmanuelle was also in Sittard, Netherlands, for the 2nd part of the Consciousness Coaching training curriculum. Emmanuelle had a blast.

In December, Emmanuelle can be found here of course. She can also be found doubling her primary coaching training with Kris Ward’s Lifestyle Design Coaching certification (wow I will be – am! – a kick ass coach…). She will also be teaching her usual Wednesday classes and her first workshop on 17 December. She will no longer be found teaching the Sunday classes at Harmonie though (hey, that’s ok, it’s not bad or good, it just is. Doors close, others will open). She will also be at home finishing Sadie Nardini’s Core Strength Vinyasa Teacher Training. Today she can also be found at home because of Brussels’ public transport strike.

Next year, she will be at some point in London, because let’s face it, a year without going to London isn’t a year fully lived in her books. Next year, she will also be in the 3rd part of the Consciousness Training curriculum. Next year, she will be found at her job and then she won’t.

People often ask me: “how do you do it all?”. I don’t have an answer. I don’t “manage” my time. I do the best I can. I take one thing after the other and just effing do them. Because I am passionate about what I do. Yes, I get frustrated when I sit for 8 hours at my desk, thinking I could be doing something else. And I don’t get much sleep.

You might want to think the easy route would be to let it go, resign and just stay in my job. That would be the most difficult route ever for me, you know, going back to the Matrix. And I am going to tell you my word for 2012: “Expand”. This is what I am doing. 

Where is my mind? I am telling it to shut to f**k up and let me do what I truly deeply want to do. That’s practicing what I am preaching and teaching, that’s me showing up so you can show up too, that’s me walking the walk and talking the talk.

There is no reward in playing small. By playing safe and small, what good can you do? How could you deprive the world of benefitting from your greatest gifts?

Now, tell me: what is the worse that could happen if you truly showed up?

5 responses to “Music Monday – Where Is My Mind?

  1. woohoo!!!! Go girl!!! congrats on the writing prize, you deserve everything you got for even persisting during Master II!
    inspired to find out more about this other coaching training you are doing…. see you next week!

  2. Congrats on finishing NaNoWrimo – that is awesome! I gave up after 1 day 😉
    Wow girl – you are busy! Reading your post today was very inspirational. I’m in the same boat as you – trying to get to a place where all my work is focused on what I love and what I’m passionate about. I know it is going to take a lot of work and a little less sleep – but I’m showing up every day 🙂

  3. my mind is all over the place, but with coaxing, focus comes. 😉 xo!

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