Special Music Monday – Anxiety!

I am SO happy to bring you today a very special post, very very special post. I am honoured to host the second stop of Gina Rafkind’s Anxiety Busting Blog Tour. I “met” Gina in Goddess Leonie’s Goddess Guidebook Circle (it’s full of fairies and magic, seriously), and I think you should meet her too. 

Gina’s mission is to share awareness tips and tools in order to help other creative women who suffer with anxiety to wake up to their life so they can confidently unleash and share their gifts with the world. Gina says it’s time to stop holding back and hiding out and time to create more freedom, love and connection! Enjoy!

How To Unleash Your Radiant Self

~ when you’re drowning in a sea of anxiety

You’ve felt her, here and there…that Radiant Self that lives within you. Often you don’t even realize how you got her to surface, but somehow, she shows up every now and then.

How can you unleash and live more from your Radiant Self?

The key is to Pay Attention.

Pay attention to what? To every mood, emotion and sensation that surfaces in your body.

And if you suffer from anxiety, you’re ahead of the game. You’re ahead of the game because your body is sending you emotions, moods and sensations in a very loud and attention-getting way…and these are all a message from your body that there is something you need to look at…something that you have not wanted to deal with…something that has been pushed way down deep into your soul and your body wants you to ‘wake up’, take notice, pay attention, and acknowledge the signals it is giving you.

A little story:  17 years ago I was living in a tiny apartment with my husband. I was home alone one morning. I remember leaving the kitchen and walking into the living room when it happened…..the tsunami of a panic attack that stopped me in my tracks. I remember sitting down on the edge of the couch that was right behind me and putting my hand on my chest. My heart was racing so hard that I thought I was going to faint. It was such an immense feeling of doom that the thought that went through my head was:

“I’m going to die!”

Well, I’m happy to say I didn’t die that day, but what I thought I’d never say is that I am grateful for that tsunami of a panic attack because it was my ‘wake up’ call to show up in life.

I suffered through more anxiety and panic attacks for the next several years. And I tried anything I could to avoid events or circumstances that I thought would set them off. I even developed a little OCD for a while. But nonetheless, anxiety kept showing itself on a daily basis.

It wasn’t until I finally stopped running away from anxiety that my healing journey began.  And you know what else happened? Yep, that’s right…..my Radiant Self began to show up more and more.

That is why I say that having anxiety puts you ahead of the game. You don’t have to wait until you take your last breath on this earth to ‘wake up’. You can begin to wake up long before that day. Not that it’s not good to ‘wake up’ right before your last day on earth – that’s wonderful if that happens. But if you can do it beforehand, well, that gives you a little more time to enjoy living an authentic, peace and passion-filled life.

So here’s one of the processes I used to transform my anxiety so I could live more from my Radiant Self:

1. Any time you feel anxiety surfacing in your body, stop and take a deep belly breath.

2. Notice where the sensation showed up in your body.

3. Pay attention to that sensation and where it is in your body.

4. Don’t label or judge what you are feeling….just ‘watch’ it and allow it to be there without any resistance….allow space for that sensation to BE.

5. Sit with this feeling for 5, 10 or 15 minutes.

You’ll have to resist the urge to run away or distract yourself. But if you can begin to do this on a daily basis, just once a day, you will begin the journey of healing your anxiety. It’s not easy, but the results are so worth it. This is how I began to heal my anxiety.

The anxious part of you is just that…a part of you. So whenever you try to ignore or push a part of you away, the healing does not take place. Healing does take place, however, when we invite all parts of our selves into the light where we can see, discover and integrate every single significant part of our being. And from this place, our inner, Radiant Self shines through more and more, allowing us to live from a centered place and from our Truth.

Anxiety busting is about healing anxiety by working through it, not against it.

The word heal comes from the Old English haelan, and means to become whole. Healing is remembering that your origin is wholeness. When you’re whole, your you’re healed. And this is why I talk of healing anxiety. By remembering to include all parts of you as a whole, even anxiety, you come to see anxiety with a new perspective. You see it as a part of your wholeness and as a part that wants to be acknowledged and accepted. It is here, from this new perspective and viewpoint, that anxiety begins to heal.

If you’d like to learn more on how to heal anxiety, I am holding a free hour-long, content rich teleclass in which you will learn:

~ One of the MAIN, KEY factors that causes anxiety and how to break free from it. This key factor I will be talking about is a main player that most people with anxiety experience and bringing awareness to it will release the grip of anxiety and bring more freedom and spaciousness to your life.

~ During  this call I will also give you a preview of my new anxiety busting program that starts on January 23, 2012 (the day of the first new moon of 2012….a wonderful time for new beginnings :). 

~ Toward the end of the call, I will also share a special code that will give you a very special price for a limited time for this program.

I hope you’ll join me!

Go here to learn more about this new program and to register for this free call: http://vedasun.com/pages/anxietybustingretreat/

inhale ~ enjoy ~ exhale,


Gina Rafkind, CPC

Holistic Anxiety Coach

Gina is a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Level 3 Practitioner & Licensed Cosmetologist.

She founded VedaSun to help women bust through anxiety so they can wake up to their life and achieve their dreams. Gina does this by sharing the knowledge and wisdom she has discovered throughout her evolving journey of healing anxiety. Her passion is to share these discoveries with you so you, too, can open the channel of awareness and by ‘waking up’, live a happier and healthier life.

PS: link here is affiliate, yup. Because I do believe in Gina’s gifts and the need to find our true self and achieve our dreams. You know me by now 🙂

2 responses to “Special Music Monday – Anxiety!

  1. “You’ll have to resist the urge to run away or distract yourself”
    Yes this is KEY Gina! Looking forward to your preview call.

  2. Beautiful post, Gina – thanks for sharing your story here – I wish you all the best with the call and the programme!

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