The Little Guidebook of Daily Intentions is Ready…

© Emmanuelle Lambert - 2011

Some of you might remember….

A year ago, I was training to be a yoga teacher. A year ago at this time, I only had three weekends of training and oh my goodness I can’t believe it is so far and so close.

The holiday season was looming, and my fellow TTs and I got a special assignment for the long training break between December and January: a 30 day Sadhana. For 30 days, we had to do something, anything, yoga for 30 days. It could be an emergency down dog in the bathroom during Christmas Eve preps, a short meditation in the morning while getting ready for the family to arrive, a 90 minute practice, some reading, ANYTHING. 3 conditions: set an intention for the day, do the thing, and journal.

Because I am a little crazy and don’t back off from a good challenge, I decided I would turn it into a blog (soon down!). AND a fundraiser for two charities I love. Because, you know, it’s so much more fun and yeah, never lose the opportunity to give back.

The people who kindly agreed to donate would receive the intentions of the day directly to their inboxes. And yes, I did all of this stuff manually, had never heard of automation baby. Anywaysss….

These people, they came up and to me and said “oh I love your lil’ emails, it makes me pause for a while and it’s nice to have something to focus on for the day.” And because, as I told you, I am crazy, I told them, and the world, that I would turn these lil’ emails into an ebook because it sounded like much fun.

And then…. I didn’t do anything. Because I didn’t know what to do how to do it and oh my god why did I say I was gonna do this? Had no idea how to make something lovely. I knew I wanted the lil’ emails rewritten and some nice pics to illustrate the book. I didn’t know where to find them though. So I put the lil’ book aside and just did a whole lot of other crazy things.

And then… My lil’ book told me it wanted OUT. It needed to be written. And it dawned on me, stupid, why don’t you use your own material, your own pics? EUREKA! And the lil’ book got written in less time than it’s taking me to write this post. Oy vey!

Aaaaand it’s coming guys. On 1st December, it will be born to this world. It’s patiently waiting. On December 1st, you will have pretty tools for mindful living to awaken your awareness in 5 minutes a day, beautiful pics, and a lot of fun. Inspiration doesn’t have to be boring. You know me by now.

See, it’s almost Christmas time again. And because it’s Christmas time again, for the first month of its live, you will be able to grab it for the price you want. Yup, you read that right. Whatever you want. It can be Z.E.R.O. should you choose to. You will see.

HOWEVAAAAH. Should you choose to pay the full amount (a tiny 12 €), or any other amount for that matter because it will be you-pay-what-you-want month, you will help me support Tree Sisters, a burgeoning association created by women who are passionate about sustainable living and feminine leadership. Man, combine both, no wonder I’ve been a monthly contributor for a few months now! Oh, I forgot, 50%, that’s HOW MUCH you will help me support them. 50% of the December benefits will go to my Tree Sisters. 

I am SO HAPPY to finally bring my Little Guidebook of Daily Intentions to you, and I know you can’t wait to 😉


10 responses to “The Little Guidebook of Daily Intentions is Ready…

  1. Excitement! I’m loving the vibe that’s been building this year of being thankful every day, for being committed to stretching and growing a little bit at a time in pursuit of more lasting awesomeness. And what a great idea to turn your experience into something to share. Bravo!

  2. Fabulous! You are such an inspiring shining star!

  3. Whoohoo! Awesome Emmanuelle! Can’t wait to see it! 🙂

  4. Aw thank you all for your lovely comments! Can’t wait to let it out 🙂

  5. Woohoo! Some serious butt kicking has been going on in the last week! 🙂
    Love the whole concept: ideas, price etc.
    Sound like a great idea for a christmas present!

  6. sounds like a great project 😉 we could use some “feminine leadership” to help balance what my fellow guys’ve been up to, that’s for sure 😉

    thanks emmaunuelle

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