Music Monday – Alive

You guys. I waited all day to write something here because, very simply put, I didn’t know what to write. I still don’t, but I want to share with you that I still don’t.

I am back from my coaching training. And yet I am not. The person you “knew” before last Thursday is still here, only with less weight and more light. The person you “knew” IS. 

And this coaching thing? Oh my, the ultimate buzz. Yoga teachers, you know that feeling you have after a class, the I-love-people high? I get it after coaching too. Empowering people and empowering you at the same time is

It’s a done deal for me guys: I am definitely this, the light seeker, the clarity catalyst, the power digger. The yoga teacher and life coach. The chocolate lover.

I am alive.

“Screw excuses, go kick ass” 😉

Psssst, by the way, in 10 days I am launching my pay-what-you-can eguide “The Little Guidebook of Daily Intentions”, aaannnd because I am in a I-love-people-and-the-earth” mood, 50% of the December proceeds will go to Tree Sisters. Yup. Want to know more? Stay tuned or sign up for my free newsletter! (“oooooh cheeeeekyyyyy!”)

2 responses to “Music Monday – Alive

  1. Jai to all of this, especially “Screw excuses, go kick ass”


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