Full Frost Moon November 2011

© Emmanuelle Lambert

Oh it’s been a long time. Ever since we moved in the house, I hadn’t made the time and space (as in physical space, ahem) to continue dreamboarding. And oh did I miss it. Until today. Finally, rekindling my love with this practice. Cheers to my art meditation.

All about deepening our dreams. Rooting down through my yoga, creativity, and love, to expand and make my dreams come true. I practiced yoga this morning to a Yogaglo video (they’re great by the way, when you can’t make it to a class), and the teacher Marc Holzman said at the end something along the lines of your practice serving you so you can serve others better. This truly resonated with me and I meditated a few minutes on this sentence. And I think, to some extent, this is what I expressed through that dreamboard. Rooting and anchoring my practices, be it yoga, art, writing, to expand and reveal the divine in you. I am nourishing my life and shining my light to support you in shining yours.

Me likey.


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