Music Monday – On Repeat

Remember this? Yes, the post that started the October Challenge: our Virtual Saucha.

Let’s take a stroll through the offline life and have a little check in now shall we?

– Check my personal emails 3 times a day at most, same for social media. First time not before 9am. Right, let’s get down to the things that didn’t work out so well. 3 times a day was a long shot, and most of the days it was more around 5 times. That said, it’s still way less than I used to, and the “not before 9am” thing worked perfectly. How liberating it is to start the day being fully present to your breakfast!

– Get rid of my personal email account on my iPhone which was not intended for a personal use in the first place; done, and don’t miss it at all.

– In the same line of action: get rid of the Tweetdeck app on said iPhone, so I don’t check my Twitter and FB feed first thing in the morning and last thing before I go to sleep; done, and same as above. 

– Unsubscribe – again – to what doesn’t serve me, and NOT signing up for everything and anything, such as these damn teleseminars and summits I don’t even have time to watch / listen to! In progress 🙂

– No matter what, turn the computer off at 11pm latest  – and yes that’s late already, but bear in mind I am still in a day job and have somehow to work on my real work at some point in the day :D I did most of the time, except for a couple of days. 

So what now? Well, I have realized how much I get done when I am completely focused and don’t give in to resistance in the form of virtual distraction. I have made more carefully chosen meaningful connections than I did when I was more online. I intend to keep my iphone clear of personal email and social media apps, I am amazed at how much I don’t miss those. I didn’t blog as much as usual because I didn’t feel like it and didn’t force it. I wrote almost every day though, doing morning – or evening, ahem – pages on I lived, basically.

And I intend to continue exploring my online practices, the ones above are set on repeat. I commit to get rid of distraction, and go for quality rather than quantity. I don’t give a s**t about marketing and “building a presence” because the right people? They find you.

How did it go for you? I would love to read your thoughts!

5 responses to “Music Monday – On Repeat

  1. i go in spurts with my distraction-mangement-efforts, a task i’ve been paying more attention to for many months, sometimes i don’t get back to someone, or an article i really do want to read, for hours or days!

    but isn’t that part of the positive of the new media? yes, one can respond back practically in real time, yet it’ll also be there later when i can get to it or respond with, as you say, more quality

    glad you did an update, hope there’ll be more, it’s such a great reminder 😉 thanks!

  2. Yes, I agree, that’s the beauty of social media too: you can always come back to what you liked in the first place. The problem is that more often than not a thousand of things have happened since 😀
    No problem for the update, it’s a great reminder for me too 😉

  3. Distraction-management-effort! I love that Adan!.

    I did well with distraction managements-efforts & I posted it:


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