On Balance

When I take vrksasana (tree pose) on the right leg, I am strongly rooted and grounded, foundations are solid, and I can reach up and out. When I take vrksasana on the left leg, my tree is wobbly and I struggle not to grip the mat with my toes. “Balance on four corners of the foot” YEAH RIGHT WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

This week, our birthday hombre Adan wrote a great post about yoga and balance, which led me to ask in the comments “is there such a thing as balance?”

We are all on this quest for the ever-elusive and sacred balance. Well, after much consideration, here it goes: “life balance” looks like me in tree pose on the left leg.

©Dominique Garnet (that's my mum you guys)

You struggle, you thrive, you stop, you pause, you laugh, and then it starts all over again. Lather rinse repeat. There are only ebbs and flows, because that’s the way life is.

When we seek balance, we are only struggling to find something that is not attainable as is. We resist life. We fight, when the real mind soother is active letting go. Letting go of stuff that doesn’t serve.Taking care of ourselves in difficult times, and even not so difficult times. Learn to appreciate what is from a place of gratitude.

This morning, I was supposed to go to a yoga class with a new teacher in town. This morning I hit the snooze button and decided to stay in bed instead. My initial plan was to go to that place at least once a month, show up and make my face known because, who knows, one day they might call me to cover.

But there was a catch: in the situation I am in right now, Saturdays are my only rest days. The only day when I can have a lie in and do whatever I want to do. What if I got called to teach? I would have to say no, because I am by no means available, in body and spirit, on Saturday mornings.

So I didn’t go. Instead, I decided to let go of that big plan, because it’s not the right time.

Balance is difficult to achieve, unless you are willing to let go of the unbearable pressure you put on your shoulders. Balance doesn’t mean juggling a gazillion activities in a day. And remember: let go of what doesn’t serve you, that doesn’t make you less brilliant. You are enough 🙂


8 responses to “On Balance

  1. Yes ma’am, so true! It’s good to say no and be off balance from time to time ~ it makes life much more interesting.

    Love to you!

  2. very true 😉 gotta agree with meredith and you both! 😉

  3. Very interesting thoughts. So many times we equate a balanced life as getting everything we want, when in effect that might have the opposite result.

    So can balance even be considered as a long term goal, or does it exist only in the moment.

    Too much to ponder to have a rash conclusion

  4. This is an amazing and beautiful piece. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

  5. sometimes what we think is “imbalance” IS our balance, because our balance is where we can live from without fear of tilting over in a harmful way –

    we’re each a crystal or snowflake, just like all the others, only different –

    it’s such a truism it’s amost trite, but still true i think

    (i know i already commented, i’m just still thinking about this 😉

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  7. mmmm. your words make me feel content. 😉

  8. Thank you all for your comments, you rock, oh yeah!

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