Music Monday – Virtual Insanity

Hmmm, it does go well with our challenge, doesn’t it? No, I have not gone insane from going cold turkey on social media. Actually I am still here, only less. The thing is, it’s a great tune to start the week and the video is just brilliant.

*Moving on*

So, how’s it going for you peeps? As for me, let’s see…


– Check my personal emails 3 times a day at most, same for social media. First time not before 9am; -> Ok well this one has been the most difficult for me. I have managed to stick to it most days, but old habits die hard and I have several times found myself mindlessly logging in to my email accounts. The “not before 9am” has worked wonders though, soooo freeing to spend the first hours of the morning tending to what matters most (namely my empty belly, Lovely Boyfriend and Lulu the Krazy Kitty);

– Get rid of my personal email account on my iPhone which was not intended for a personal use in the first place; -> Done and done. No regrets at all.

– In the same line of action: get rid of the Tweetdeck app on said iPhone, so I don’t check my Twitter and FB feed first thing in the morning and last thing before I go to sleep; -> Done and done too, and I don’t think I will upload them again anytime soon.

– Unsubscribe – again – to what doesn’t serve me, and NOT signing up for everything and anything, such as these damn teleseminars and summits I don’t even have time to watch / listen to! -> work in progress 😀

– No matter what, turn the computer off at 11pm latest  – and yes that’s late already, but bear in mind I am still in a day job and have somehow to work on my real work at some point in the day :D -> except for one day, I have managed to disconnect before 11pm every day so far. And I love it!

Let me know in the comments how you are doing, I would love to hear from you!


3 responses to “Music Monday – Virtual Insanity

  1. Emma, I really love your blog, resonated in a big way (and made me realise I’ve slipped into bad habits again!). I definately won’t be unsubscribing from your blog! Keep up the great work!

    • Woohoo Dionne thank you so much for your kind words! I have the feeling there are so many of us wasting valuable time on the net. I am not saying it is bad though, I have made so many wonderful connections online. But let’s reassess our relationship with the www, that’s all I’m saying 🙂
      Thanks for your support ❤

  2. love the email-check cap. i need to do this!

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