Wishcasting Wednesday – What Do You Wish to do One Day?

One day I will :

– Play the bass: surprisingly enough, that’s the first thing that literally sprung when I read Jamie Ridler’s prompt for this Wishcasting Wednesday. Yesterday I found in my yet unpacked boxes (don’t judge) my old iPod speakers. Which I am totally going to use in my classes, by the way. I put them on the floor, plugged them in, and played some music. I sat in front of them while the music was playing and I could feel the vibrations of the bass guitar running throughout my body. Everything brings me back to music, and the bass guitar. I guess I’ll always be the 16-year old indie rock chick who wanted so badly to be in a band, hidden behind the bass. Did I mention that I am petite, and have petits fingers? Not sure I could even manage 😀

– Go back to Japan. Just because.

– Own a house with a wooden terrace.

– Travel the world.

And you know, a lot of other things, actually.

Come to think of it, no deep stuff, no enquiry here, no “living an enlightened life” or “be happy”. Because this just doesn’t happen in one day, it’s a lifelong process. You cannot plan this kind of things the same way you would plan an event, they unfold as you go. And the truth is, I can’t wish that “one day” I will live the life I want to live. Because I am already creating it and living it.

“One day I will” is extremely dangerous in my opinion. It sounds like wishful (!) thinking, like a dream you can never have come true. Very often followed by a sigh meaning “yeah right”. I am wary of “one day I will”.

Why not change it to “today I commit to take one step towards my dream and make it happen”?


6 responses to “Wishcasting Wednesday – What Do You Wish to do One Day?

  1. Beautiful! as james dean said: ‘dream as if you will live forever and live as if you will die today’.
    Good luck with that Bass playing..im starting acoustic guitar soon, lets start a yogi band! xx

  2. Ohh…the bass! I love the bass. I listen for it all the time – I love Yes. I hear the bass all the time. Good for you! (Go fretless!)

    As you wish/commit for yourself, I wish for you also!

    • Thank you Maggie, I think that’s something I will definitely do, it’s been on my mind for, er, 18 years, hahahaha 🙂 I also hear the bass all the time, thank guru I’m not alone, finally!

      As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also 🙂

  3. Super chouette texte, Manu!
    En effet, cessons de rêver à un futur potentiel qui ne viendra (peut-être) jamais, car tout est tellement là dans le présent…..
    Mais je te souhaite quand même d’avoir la maison avec la terrasse en bois et de retourner au Japon (fais quand même gaffe aux radiations ;o)) et de voyager loin loin sur cette belle planète….

    • Hey Laurent, chouette de te voir ici! Un grand merci pour ton commentaire, avec lequel je ne peux qu’être d’accord 🙂
      A bientôt (normalement jeudi?), bises.

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