Music Monday – Resistance

Resistance, aka Not Getting Things Done aka I Don’t Wannaaaaa, oh yes. Resistance is a dear friend of mine.

Sometimes it’s just overwhelm and fatigue speaking. Acknowledge, acted upon with rest, done and done.

Sometimes it is more insidious. It takes the form of too much web surfing, too much email checking, too much social media-ing, too many teleseminar signing up (is it me or this format has really taken off lately? Not a day goes by without a new teleseminar-that-will-rock-your-world announcement), in general too much virtual procrastination.

I am a huge procrastinator in that sense. Always checking my emails on my iPhone, always looking for the next inspirational article that will make me go “YES!” and then do nothing, anything that keeps me from getting to the core and dig in. Ha, there you are! That’s the whole issue isn’t it? Looking somewhere else so I don’t look at myself, so I don’t make decisions, so I don’t take the time to ask the big questions and enquiries. And the best thing: complaining because “I don’t have tiiiiiime, I am so miserable!”.

So there you go, here is my October challenge and my War On Resistance, my yoga off the mat. This month, I am committing to:

– Check my personal emails 3 times a day at most, same for social media. First time not before 9am;

– Get rid of my personal email account on my iPhone which was not intended for a personal use in the first place;

– In the same line of action: get rid of the Tweetdeck app on said iPhone, so I don’t check my Twitter and FB feed first thing in the morning and last thing before I go to sleep;

– Unsubscribe – again – to what doesn’t serve me, and NOT signing up for everything and anything, such as these damn teleseminars and summits I don’t even have time to watch / listen to!

– No matter what, turn the computer off at 11pm latest  – and yes that’s late already, but bear in mind I am still in a day job and have somehow to work on my real work at some point in the day 😀

I am old enough to remember the time when I didn’t have all this stuff, and I have survived somehow. Let’s go for quality and focus over quantity and overwhelm.

Care to join me? 

Edited to add: and here is a cool badge to grab for your site if you wish to participate, yeah! 

13 responses to “Music Monday – Resistance

  1. Amen to all of these…I work on this constantly, some days better than others. The battle wages on!


  2. Oh this is so good. And so what I need to do. I’m always complaining I have no time. Yet I always find time to check FB, twitter, multiple emails throughout the day! And yes, I also am guilty of checking my iphone first thing before I’m out of bed and last thing before I got to sleep at night. Kinda sad when you really think about it. Thanks for the post!

  3. Three times a day! If you stick to that I will be VERY impressed young lady. I will have to cut down & join you – these tools can be way more of a hindrance than a help! x

  4. ok, I will try too! so hard but important to disconnect a bit

  5. Ok – I’m a little late to the game, but I’m in! I love the way that you have diagnosed one of my biggest issues and even have a name for it – virtual procastination!
    BTW – how is it going – are you keeping your goal of 3x per day?

    I’ll keep you posted on how I do!

  6. I am WITH YOU! In fact, I just deleted all of my emails from my iPhone last week, and started a personal writing practice first thing when I wake up instead of checking emails/social media like I used to do (in bed from my iPhone). Such a lovely reminder of how sacred our time is and that we have a CHOICE in how we’ll use it!

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