{From the Desk of…} – On Screwing Up Beautifully

Press Down to Go Up ©Emmanuelle Lambert

More than a year ago I went back to school for an evening business management course. 4 months to refresh my Shazam Skillz in business admin, bookkeeping, economics, and other lovely topics, before diving in into the juicy stuff that is Yoga Teacher Training.

I have a past of extreme left-brainism, which is still in use today in “dayjob”. Yet I have learned to awaken my right brain. Which makes me a creative hippy with my head in the clouds and my feet strongly grounded. A down-to-earth / up-in-the-air peaceful warrior longing to light people’s inner fire, if you wish. I’m gonna make this my job title, honest.

I have been preparing for this entrepreneur thing, ya know. Still, that doesn’t mean I don’t make bad decisions anymore. I do. Even when you think you are equipped with the necessary tools, there is no such training as being “on the field” and applying the theory. And sometimes, you screw up.

A couple of weeks ago I made a bad decision. Or a decision that was not right for this time. Why did I make it? Because I didn’t want to be a “bad person” and let Mr. Nicey Slimey Salesman down. Hellooooo? Brain and heart, where have you gone?

Then I realized my decision a) was not business sound b) didn’t feel right. So I stopped everything. I stood my ground and said that wasn’t right, we have to stop.

And here’s what I have learned, people: to make a decision, any kind of decision, make sure that thing you choose to do and your heart are aligned. Think and make it work, but before all else, check in with your body, heart and soul, and ask yourself: does this feel right? Because in the end, it’s all that matters.

Trust that whatever you do, if you believe in it, the right people will show up. Given the background I have, I used to think this kind of discourse was BS. Not anymore. It requires work, a lot of work, but sometimes you have to let go of having control over every thing. You’re throwing glitter in the air and wait for it to come down, anxiously wondering whether you will end up cleaning the pavement or your undies.

Now, another opportunity is showing up its pretty head. Nothing’s done yet. It might happen, it might not, and it it does it will be next year. This one feels right, and is feasible. It involves a risk, then again it’s a risk worth taking and I can make it work. If it comes to life, I will make it work. If it doesn’t, something else will knock at my door.

I will just make sure it FEELS RIGHT.

4 responses to “{From the Desk of…} – On Screwing Up Beautifully

  1. I think once we integrate all the parts of us, our intellect, our intuition, our experiences, it makes coming to the right decision easier. I am learning to go with what feels right and what is amazing is how once I make the decision how good it feels.

  2. I *love* your job title! Absolutely:)
    And I love your advice on alignment..as you shared in your reflection, when we compromise (even if we feel it is for the “right” reasons) we “feel” it right away within our bodies. I’m glad you listened to your intuition and reversed your decision..that is essential–I think so often we feel “stuck” in a decision, not remembering we may decide again..each moment is a fresh opportunity to create.
    And..I am joining you, Jamie, and the others for a month of meditation..so I’m excited to ‘know’ you:)

    • Hehe, thank you, nice to “meet” you 🙂 You are spot on: nothing stops you from reversing decisions, we are not stuck, there is always a choice. Looking forward to meditating with you 🙂

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