Music Monday – Back to Life

Oh my Guru do your remember THIS? “Baaack to life, baaaack to realityyy!”. Or does in only show how old I am? Really?

Anyway, Monday, a new week, full of promises and opportunities, full of room to breathe. I still have a lot on my plate, but it’s doable and manageable. That’s what a whole afternoon of doing nothing does: send the breath directly to your brain, cooling down everything.

That self care stuff is not something to take lightly peeps. Whatever you undertake, how full your own schedule might look, please take at least 5 minutes to breathe deeply. It will calm you and energize you at the same time, allowing you to take some distance with what you are doing and pinpoint what you should focus on. Building a business, starting a new project, working under a deadline: don’t let that – or people you work for / with –  eat you alive.



One response to “Music Monday – Back to Life

  1. Major ear worm alert here! great post!!!

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