When Stillness Helps You Moving

There is a time for action. Too much thinking about something is in the end resisting it, and you know how this sometimes goes: someone else does the move you’ve been considering doing. Yes.

Then there is a time for something else. A time to stop.

Yup, you read that right, there IS a time to stop. And surprisingly enough, this is what will help you move, maybe not faster, but better.

When do you know? What are the signs?

© Emmanuelle Lambert

First there is the *Sigh* Sign. The one that makes you go: “oh yeah I should really work on this but pfffffffff *sigh*”.  Note that the “should” in itself is not necessarily a good sign. Ha.

Which brings us to the second sign: procrastination. As Steven Pressfield writes in the War of Art, procrastination is a sign of resistance. As in: “I should really work on this but pffffffff. Ok, before starting, I’ll allow myself 15 20 30 60 120 minutes to read this article / go say hi to my Twitter friends / check my Facebook page / check my site stats / check if I have white hairs / watch The Young & the Restless (didn’t watch accidently stumbled upon for a year but still able to catch up on the, er, plot)”.

If you keep on going, there’s a good chance that the next sign comes from the Almighty Body, He / She Who Knows Everything. Your yoga practice sucks – sorry to say but that’s how it feels in your muscles, your joints, your bones-, you wake up with tight shoulders, and next you get Abdominal Pains from Hell when you’re supposed to be teaching a private yoga session with a focus on core work. Ha, again. (Any resemblance etc etc).

That, my friends, is Overwhelm with a big O. When your to-do list is the size of the French Constitution, it might be time to reconsider.

Time to reconsider the power of the to-do list. Time to reconsider what you do and how you do it. Time to check in with yourself and ask yourself a simple question: does it feel RIGHT?

You may be in the process of starting a business. Go on a creative adventure. Do something that is new to do, and you have set up a whole list of steps to take with deadlines. But does it feel right? Does it feel doable? What if it doesn’t?

Then stop. Don’t fret. Stop. Breathe. Stay where you are. Look at what you’ve done.

You’re growing. And it bloody hurts. You’re confused. What if you are wrong?

You are not. You just need to stop. For today. Take a nap. Do nothing. NO THING. Stay still. Stay grounded. Breathe.

And you will see. This is when you will gain clarity. This is when you will know what your priorities are. This is when you can adjust.

That deadline? Maybe you can postpone it, a little bit. That thing you wrote down, do you really want to do it? Will it serve you? Does it feel right? What about all those free webinars and newsletters you signed up for?

Today I made a promise to myself, a word I intend to live: today I am choosing to check in with myself thoroughly and truthfully every time I have to make a decision. I am choosing right now to focus on building my business with my heart. I am choosing right now to take some time every week to check with myself how I feel and breathe where I am.

For today, on my to-do list: No Thing.


2 responses to “When Stillness Helps You Moving

  1. Wise, wise words. My dogs both have taught me this lesson of napping and the beauty of doing nothing, which is not nothing at all ~ it is something great!

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