Music Monday – Harvest Moon

Full Moon, so called Harvest Moon. My mum, on top of playing the accordion, is the number one Neil Young fan in the whole world. ZE ultimate fan. So I couldn’t let this one pass now could I? And I like this song too, so there ya go.

And so I told them. I told them, at work, that I would be leaving to be self employed and do my thang. Of course, being in the position I am in in this office (read= no one can do what I do) and the profile I have (read= Swiss knife, just like everybody else here), as vain as it may sound, we need to find a) someone reaaal good, b) that I can train, for at least 3 months c) in one of the busiest periods of  time so they know what to expect. Meaning I won’t be fully self employed until Easter, and that’s if everything goes well.

It’s ok, you know, I hadn’t planned it any other way. Because as much as I am longing for working my a** off on my own terms, I don’t want to leave unfinished crappy sloppy business behind. So it’s fine, ball is rolling anyway.

A little word on “social laws”, as they are called, in Belgium: two weeks notice doesn’t exist. It’s 6 weeks minimum – that’s if you have worked less than 5 years in the company. If you have worked at least 5 years, it’s 3 months notice.

I have been here for 4 years now. Yet, again, I don’t mind being here for at least another 6 months. Because I know that at some point, I will be harvesting what I have done today. It’s no longer a question of “if…”, it’s “when…”

And I’m feeeeeeliing gooood 🙂

5 responses to “Music Monday – Harvest Moon

  1. love this song, and really admire the way you are doing this –

    transitions are tricky, shifting the weight from one foot to another, handing off one hand to the other –

    there’s such good energy by all you are doing, i feel i could ride the little cloud dust trail you’re leaving in your wake, and sneak right into the gates of happiness 😉

    listening to neil’s old voice & harmonica ain’t hurting either

    you’re dancng already emmanuelle… 😉

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