On Setbacks and Surya Namaskar

The life of a burgeoning solopreneur is like a rollercoaster ride: one day you’re on a high, the next day you’re deeply entangled in your own thoughts of failure.

To the Other Side of Darkness... © Emmanuelle Lambert

Say you have been toying with a great idea for a new product, only to discover someone has just launched theirs, exactly the same. Or you have been wanting to contact a studio where you want to teach, only to discover they have just hired a teacher teaching what you wanted to offer. Someone somehow has just done what you’ve been thinking of doing.

Enter the Ego. “They did what you couldn’t do, you lazy cow. They asked, they took a shot, while you were sitting on your butt only thinking about it. Why didn’t you bloody go for it?

Enter Tiny Voice of Me: “B-B-because I was not ready? I had no proposal to send or er, ya know, nothing to offer yet?

Ego: “Who said so?”

TVoM: “Er, *you* did?”

Ego: “…”

Ego: “Well I was RIGHT, see, you FAILED  you FOOKING FAILURE!”

TVoM: “Can I go to bed now? Like, for 3 months? Can I haz loads of chocolate?”

I would advise not to go that route. So what to do instead?

Look inside. Any way you want. For me, it means stepping on my mat, and move. Feeling my muscles stretch and contract, my whole body expand, my breath nourishing my movements, my mind focusing on the sensations and being curious of my body’s reactions. Me, connecting to my centre, to myself. And after such a glorious practice, totally believing this is where I belong.

Remembering what has already been accomplished. Remembering how far you have come already, and being grateful about it.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have that piece of chocolate, ya know.

What else would *you* do? 

10 responses to “On Setbacks and Surya Namaskar

  1. “being curious” + the chocolate of course 😉

  2. I say it’s just plain bad timing. But, it also shows that the studio was into what you wanted to teach so stick with them. They might just find a second spot for you.

    but having said that.. give yourself a day of sleeping in and ALWAYS provide chocolate as needed.

    good luck!!

  3. i dont necessarily know what i would do, but are you sure english isnt your native language? seriously?

  4. it’s hard not to beat myself up at times like this but what does that solve? I say let go and let be. kindness is really the best thing for me in the face of disappointment.

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