Music Monday – Groove Is In The Heart

Did you feel the weird patch of energy we went through for a few days last week? Did you feel stuck, overwhelmed, unbalanced, generally “meh”? I don’t like “meh”, then again sometimes that’s the rough patch before the light at the end of the tunnel. Before we enter another tunnel, that is.

Anyway, now things have been picking up, and here’s a mighty groovy tune to celebrate, or to break away blocks, resistance or any “meh-ness” you might experience. Crank the music, and dance in your living room like no one’s watching! Even if you are currently living among boxes, with a kitty on a new self-discovery journey and diet (grass) and er, a kitty body that’s, er, strongly reacting to this new addition of plants.

Go clean your kitty’s a** and shake yours! BOOYAH!


3 responses to “Music Monday – Groove Is In The Heart

  1. I love this song! and yes, I am thrilled the meh of last week is gone gone gone.

    I got my kundalini groove on today and it’s going to be a fabulous week!


  2. there does seem to be a “letting loose” today that feels good 😉 your piece made me just a little better aware of it, thank you 😉

  3. dude, this song has always had a special place in my heart. 😉 “one, two, three, oooohhhhhhh…”

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