Cologne, Germany

To wrap up our string of short trips within Europe, we went to Cologne, Germany, the weekend right before our move. Why Cologne? Because of a games fair.

You didn’t know I was a gamer now did you? Truth is, I didn’t know either. Oh wait, I am not. But sometimes for the sake of your relationship with your significant other, you have to make a few concessions. Then again, Lovely Boyfriend is worth it, trust me on that one.

Moving on.

As a non-gamer, it was still interesting though to be an observant of such a gathering. I won’t go into a whole sociological study here, let’s just say that the male gender was obviously very much represented, still I noticed more members of the female gender than I expected. Gamegrrrls in da house! Still the publisher have still to catch up on that trend, since some of them seem to believe the gamum vulgum pecus will only be attracted to a game if there a semi-naked hot babe to lure them to their stand *sigh*

He's not a real guy you know. It's an image from the upcoming installment of "Assassin's Creed", a beauty of a game if you ask me. Then again I know nothing.

Anyway, we also took the opportunity to go back to the centre of the city and visit again the huge amazing impressing cathedral, aka the Dom. We had already been to Cologne before, but seeing the Dom is always a shock. There’s nothing you can do except being awe-struck before such majesty. We people of the Old Continent knew how to work stones and build these things, ya know. Even if it took centuries. And that comes from a gal who has no religion. I can’t help it, I love cathedrals.

Enjoy 🙂

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