Music Monday – Move

Right now I am sitting on a dismantled couch, surrounded by dozens of boxes, in a pink room destined to be a guest room and MY room. Finally, we have moved.

A Room with a View - yup that's my Shazam Stuff notebook in the bottom left corner - © Emmanuelle Lambert

Of course, everything took waaaayyyy more time than we initially thought, and we didn’t do everything we had intended to do. That said, we have done a lot, so allow me to pat myself and Lovely Boyfriend on the back for that.

It’s been a three-day whirlwind, and we still have to unpack. I ditched all yoga and running I had planned to do, I am too exhausted to do anything physical today, and we’ll probably eat soup and toast as the fridge is out of order and being replaced. I am finding my way back to the earth and reconnecting with the world, that’s why I can be here typing this.

Still, as much as my brain is still looking for a body to be attached to, I love it right now. This part is done, on a New Moon even, and it is time for new beginnings.

Next weekend I will start teaching my regular Sunday yoga class, next week the Beginners Course I offer is kicking off as well (by the way, it is the last week to sign up, just saying…). I might even be able to schedule more classes, this is still in the works and to be confirmed.

I have big plans for you guys, online and offline. Now’s a shiny sparkly beeeeyoutiful place to start 🙂

5 responses to “Music Monday – Move

  1. “as much as my brain is still looking for a body to be attached to, I love it right now” – ‘nuf said 😉

  2. new beginnings! thrilling! 😀

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