The Art of Wellness [Guest Post by Lori-Lyn Hurley]

Now you know I am a creative being, and as a yogini my yoga practice is fed by my creativity and my creativity is fed by my yoga practice. I’ve also been following Jamie Ridler‘s work for a while. I love her podcast, Creative Living with Jamie, and listen to these interviews every week. I have kept a few of them, the ones I have found to be an infinite source of inspiration. Lori-Lyn Hurley‘s is one of them.

I was honoured when Lori-Lyn interviewed me for her “Living the Dream Life” series , and I am honoured to have her as a guest today. You will LOVE what she has to say about the relationship between art and her Reiki practice. Enjoy!


My name is Lori-Lyn and I am a Reiki practitioner, an intuitive and a writer. I have a thing for seventies movies, heavy ceramic mugs and fire pits. I unabashedly cavort with angels and marvel at every day magic. I live with a man, a cat and a pug, and we like adventures, big and small. I love my life, and I can help you love yours, too! You can find me on my; on; or on twitter @lorilyn.  

The Art of Wellness

When I was a child, I had many answers to the question, What do you want to be when you grow up? but each of those answers had one of two things at its core: the arts, or helping people feel better. To me, creativity and wellness are inexorably linked, and I see my background in visual arts and writing as a direct pathway to my work now as a Reiki practitioner and intuitive.

Imagination is the cornerstone of art-making, energy healing and spiritual communication. In order to make art, you have to be able to visualize, and the same is true with energy and intuitive work.

I remember my college drawing teacher asking us to study the pencil sharpener on the wall for five minutes. He then draped the pencil sharpener with a cloth and asked us to draw it from memory. The information we needed was stored in our mind’s eye – that was the muscle we had to learn to use.

The same is true when working with the energy body. As a Reiki practitioner, I look beyond the immediate physical reality. I may not see energy in the normal everyday way, but I must be able to visualize it.

And when I’m in an intuitive session with a client, I must be able to hear and see beyond the physical. It’s a rich imagination that allows me to connect with spiritual guidance without judgement.

I must be open to imagining a world more complex, indeed more magical, than the one dominant culture teaches.

As a Reiki practitioner, I don’t see illness or imbalance. I see wellness and wholeness where, perhaps, the client doesn’t. In a world that often looks at symptoms and lack, with Reiki, I step into the field abundance and balance. I must, in order to connect with the flow of Reiki energy, be able to see the perfection of my client and life itself, even when, in the physical world, that perfection has been cloaked.

Being able to close the physical eyes and see the nonphysical world is fundamental to both art making and the practice of Reiki, but at the same time, when we make art, we step into an organic flow. We have to be willing to go where the art takes us, knowing the end product may be quite different from what we had in mind at first.

That’s true of energy healing and intuition, as well. In all of this, there must be a divorcing of the ego. The “I” that is making the art or placing hands on the client must step aside and let the energy of creation and wellness flow. While there are skills to be learned and practiced, I must not be the director. I must not cling to an idea of what I think is going to happen, or what I think should happen. The best art is born when it rises up from some mystical primal place and moves through the artist. And this, I believe, is also the heart of Reiki and intuition.

I can’t know for sure where the Reiki sessions will take my clients. I don’t know what they will experience or where they’re going on their journey. I am a conduit for the energy and a witness to the sacred process. Beyond the technique and the science – the hours of sketching and shading spheres in a notebook or editing a manuscript line by line or learning the anatomy of the energetic body – there is the never-ending flow of the Divine. There is freedom.

To be a Reiki practitioner, I must let go and detach from outcome. I must let the mystery move through me, just as it is with art.

In all of these processes, art making and energetic and intuitive healing, the desires of the ego must be replaced with trust. I trust the process. I trust what I can’t see as much, even more, than what I can.

An artist sees the world with transformative eyes.

So, I don’t feel that I ever stopped being an artist. It’s just the medium that’s changed.



How are *you* being an artist in your life?

2 responses to “The Art of Wellness [Guest Post by Lori-Lyn Hurley]

  1. Let go and let it flow!~ Yes, beautiful summary of reiki energywork, Lori-Lyn!

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