Dijon, Burgundy, France

Oh come on, you know it’s an actual town, not just a random mustard name. It’s the place where mustard comes from, yes, that’s why 🙂

The good thing is, when I say I am from Dijon, people instantly relate to it. Placing it on a map is another story though 😉

A couple of random shots to prove you it is not made of mustard, enjoy!

Rue Musette

Le Jacquemart. I used to hang out in that place all the time between 16 and 20.

All photographs ©Emmanuelle Lambert

2 responses to “Dijon, Burgundy, France

  1. hmmm, so is mustard used a lot in the dishes prepared there?

    either way 😉 neat bldgs, and is that a bug painted on the stripes? is that a mustard bug!

    certainly appears an interesting place 😉

  2. I’ve been to Paris once and I could have stared at the buildings all day long. I was really drawn in by age of the buildings and the spirit & history they hold.

    Beautiful pix 🙂


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