Music Monday – Pack Up

Another post, again?! what is going here?

Well, actually, a lot: Lovely Boyfriend, Lulu the Krazy Kitty and good ole me are moving er, next week. I was gonna write “in two weeks” but it suddenly dawned on me that today is Monday so yes, we are moving next week. Holy s**t Batman & Wonder Woman united!

Not to mention September will be upon us soon and my teaching agenda, ie teaching regular classes, will come to life. Not to mention the shazam stuff I have up my sleeve, like, you know, another move, only virtual that one, coming in a few months (fingers crossed I don’t throw my computer out of the window on that one!); and of course my plans to take over the world. Feel free to picture me like zis from now on:

(I loved that lil guy and his buddy!)

Right, I’d better get packing!

10 responses to “Music Monday – Pack Up

  1. love this post.. great song too ! congrats on the move!!

  2. Good luck moving! Great song to get me moving this morning!

  3. good luck on ya’ll’s move, our kitty’s sometimes fretted a day or two, but as long as they were with us… 😉

    • Oh yeah, the kitty… Ours seems to be a bit upset, not eating much since we have started packing. Well, eventually she’ll manage 😉

      • ours got where when they saw packing boxes they got alternately upset depressed angry then scared, kinda like us 😉

        usually, with lots of attention, familiar food & water bowls, etc in the new place, they settled in, ready to stay for life 😉

  4. good luck with the moving!! 🙂

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