Full Sturgeon Moon – August 2011

Full Moon today. It can only mean one thing, right? Yup, a Full Moon Dreamboard!

© Emmanuelle Lambert

This month, Jamie Ridler invited us to consider our intuition and the insight it might have into our dreams. This was a very intuitive dreamboard, and it turned out completely different than what I expected. Ok scratch that, I really didn’t expect anything, I just went with the flow, and the flow told me that it was time to step up and be the leader I need to be, tapping into that feminine power in my own way: strongly grounded yet quirky, fun and light. Sounds about right 🙂

Oh, and better late than never, but your August Goddess is here too, go download her!

15 responses to “Full Sturgeon Moon – August 2011

  1. I will be working on my dreamboard this afternoon. I could’ve sworn the full moon was Monday, for some reason. 🙂 Yours is gorgeous. Love the intuitive flow you show here…. mmmmm.

  2. i am in india for this full mooon so lovey

  3. I am behind working on my dreamboard for August b/c i am working on my book for the RBBP (see the blog for more info) but i’ll get to it this afternoon after i refuel with a cucumber sandwich, tea and cookie! I love the glorious joy in your dreamboard…makes me want to dance and show my belly…though it is hardly the spectacular sight it was 40 years ago! You have inspired me to pump up the feminine power! Thanks

    • Oh thanks, this is exactly why I post these dreamboards: if I can inspire one person in any way, then my job is done. Just show that beautiful belly of yours already!
      (love your blog by the way ;))

  4. I am new to the Dream Board experience ~ Just found out about it ~ So I painted mine in pastels and wrote words on the sketch ~ Yours is lovely. Hope you will come by mine ~ A Creative Harbor (on Jaime’s Linky) namaste and thanks, Carol ^__^

  5. As you wish for yourself I wish for you as well…

  6. your dreamboards are always interesting! 😉

    perfectly described as “strongly grounded yet quirky, fun and light” !!

  7. Your vision board is lovely. So active, skipping.

  8. The moon has been so clear and gorgeous the past few nights. as if we could reach out and touch it. We women are the moon so we should strive to shine as brightly 🙂


  9. Love the dreamboard – so femininely powerful 😉 Great images!

  10. So much girly power there! Love it!

    Here’s to you stepping into your dreams!

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