A Change U Wish Post – Goddess Sadhana For Africa

There are times when you plan to write about something and then something else comes up that needs space to be shared. This is one of these times.

Unless you live under a lovely rainbow rock with fairies, you might know that as we speak, thousands are dying of hunger in the Horn of Africa. How come, in a society like ours, we get to see this happen, again? I don’t know. I have read a lot about it, the blame, the should-haves, the didn’t-dos, the you-shouldn’t-give-because-it-feeds-corruption opinions, the we-need-money-to-get-food-there opinions, and I have been on a fence about what to do.

Truth is, yes some of the money donated is going into the pockets of the-powers-that-be because for now, there is no way around them. For now, it is not a question of who should have, could have, didn’t do, did do. For now, it is a question of life and death, literally. So if what I donate does not go entirely to the people who need it most but at least some of it does, and the money that doesn’t go to them helps the rest actually go to them, then my choice is made.

In the face of such events, I am part of those that choose to keep going, keep practicing what I practice, keep teaching what I teach, keep the faith and hopefully do some good because I keep doing all these things. I am also one of those that want to give whenever they can, and full disclosure: I intend to make this a huge part of my (not so distant) future business (story for another day ;)).

Yesterday I got my answer to my what-can-I-do question. Yesterday I chose to be part of the Goddess Sadhana organized by Chameli Ardagh of Awakening Women. Oh, did I mention that I strongly believe that it is high time for feminine leadership to rise, high time to empower women of all countries and regions to make a change in their communities and beyond? So yeah, all in one.

So how does this work? From August 20 to September 20, you are asked to live as consciously as possible, have 20 minutes at least of spiritual practice a day and dedicate it to the people in suffering in Africa, and 108 $. Every Saturday, there will be live calls to gather and have a mini-retreat all together – or get the recorded calls and have a at-home retreat whenever you want. All proceeds will go to Unicef. Everything.

If that sounds like something that rocks your socks, then by all means you are most welcome to join and register on the Awakening Women website. Just click here and you’ll get there.

Let’s do this, shall we?

6 responses to “A Change U Wish Post – Goddess Sadhana For Africa

  1. Thank you for sharing the love!

  2. I’m glad you posted this and it’s great to see you’re involved in something positive. I’m sick of sitting on the fence about giving money just in case it might not get to the people who need it. Where would we be if everyone acted like that about everything? So I’ve decided I’m going to do what I believe in and donate. Thanks for the kick!

  3. you always inspire me with how passionate, involved, and giving you are. and don’t you forget it, missy! 😉

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