Brittany I Love You

I was born and raised in Burgundy, land of wine, mustard, blackcurrant cream and ginger bread. I love my region.

And as much as I love my region, if I had to pick one place to live should we go back to France, it would be Brittany.

I love Brittany. The sea, the wind, the seagulls, the galettes and crepes, the people, the atmosphere, a certain je-ne-sais-quoi that draws me to this wild piece of France.

Saint Malo

Brittany doesn’t offer herself so easily. She’s fierce and strong, full of mystery, and you have to conquer her to show your worth. She’s a Celtic warrior goddess, so you’d better not mess with her.

I didn’t practice any asanas, nor went running, during these short four days. All I did was walk, eat, walk some more, and enjoy wonderful moments and laughs with Lovely Boyfriend. That was my yoga for a few days, mind quiet, heart full.

This would be a galette stuffed with goat's cheese and nuts, with a side of salad, and even more nuts. Yummy.

We’ll be back.

All pictures are © Emmanuelle Lambert – please contact me if you wish to use one at

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11 responses to “Brittany I Love You

  1. Sigh…I’d like to be there….
    Love your shoes 🙂

  2. ditto meredith 😉 though i wouldn’t want to “wear” the shoes 😉

    • My mind has been playing tricks on me and has tried to have me envision you with these shoes. Maybe I need more rest 😀

      • ha! and to think i almost missed your reply!

        just put some twigs, a twing of barb-wire, and a few tears and stains, and walla! shoes for moi 😉 oh, and maybe a toe-hole, for comfort 😉

  3. I love Brittany too! Only been once but I hope to go back there one day. Must be the Celt in me but I feel an affinity with it. Luckily there’s a breton crepe place near me so I get to pretend.

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing Brittany!

  5. loved the photos- especially the ocean and the house! beautiful!
    (ps- In Acadian-speak we call “biscuits” — “galettes” and I had no idea they were quite a different pastry now until I started watching cooking shows lol 🙂 Looks yummy!)

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