Check In / Check Out

In a few days I will be there:

© Pierre Leboeuf

Sea! Sea shells! Sea shores! Sea gulls! Maybe not Sun (argh)! I can’t wait to take a couple of days off with Lovely Boyfriend and breathe (ie get wave smacked or kissed depending on the wind. The reason why I love Brittany).

It’s been an awesome year so far, I cannot believe how far I’ve got. YTT, coach training, a move end of August, even a kitty for f**k’s sake! Who am I?

You know how sometimes you want to be someone, somewhere, so bad it hurts, yet it seems impossible, and someday you wake up and realize you’re actually well on your way? This is where I am. I am well on my way OUT and UP!

I’ve been writing for so long about fears, leaps of faith, transitioning, and without even realizing it, it is happening. Oh no, I am not quite there yet, but I can turn and look behind me at the journey I have been on so far and the steps I have taken.

I’ve always said I am not of the “leap and the net will appear” species, I am more of the “build a little safety net first and then leap”. Well a tiny safety net has appeared, and a funny thing has happened: I don’t care that much about it, because somehow, I know it’s there. That doesn’t mean I can rest on my laurel and not work my ass off. It means that because I am fully committed to my vision, the net will be here. I’ll make it be here. Because I’m working my ass off and enjoying it 😀 and because I trust my intuition and I trust the Universe, somehow, to wink at me when I need a sign. She’s done it already, you know.

Right now, as far as teaching yoga is concerned, I am working with two beautiful students in one-on-one sessions, I will work with another lovely one come September, then with a small group of dynamic ladies in private sessions. I am about to open (edited!) have just opened registration for a weekly beginners course in group setting come September, upgrading to an open class in October. I will start teaching on Sundays at Harmonie Fit sooner than planned. Who knows what is coming next?

I have decisions to make, business decisions. About pricing (I kind of know what to do there, and it’s scary and exciting at the same time. More when I’m back). About workshops. About what to write here. About what will happen when I start coaching as part of my curriculum (and it will be this year still). About making the time and space for all of this. About how fast I want to get where I am going.

These few days off will help me first acknowledge where I am and celebrate what I have done so far, and I will surrender to the process of letting things happen. I don’t want to be thinking too much, let it be organic.

Then bring it on! 😀


2 responses to “Check In / Check Out

  1. Enjoy your trip! Love seeing all the fab things you’re up to! xo

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