Music Monday – Love Is Stronger Than Death

I was gonna write about my graduation and how I was happy to hold in my hands this yoga teacher certificate (and how I know that a piece of paper does not a teacher make) and how my ego reacted and… I will not.

Instead I am only going to point out how often and easily we forget about our divine Selves. How easy it is to get caught and lost in hate, hostility towards others and ourselves, because we forget who we really are.

As self-loathing and hatred seem to make headlines today, let’s reconnect to the light within us. We have so much potential for good, let’s shine this light, and shine it bright. There is no other way.

© Emmanuelle Lambert

10 responses to “Music Monday – Love Is Stronger Than Death

  1. Haven’t listened to The The in ages. Thanks for the reminder, I adore this song. The album it came from was released just before my friends and I all went our separate ways aged 19 and it always reminds me of the first tribe I had….not in touch with any of them now but they are all in my heart as having contributed to who I am now.

  2. i sighed in such a good way after reading this. 😉

  3. yes! such humbleness will serve your students well. congrats!!

  4. OM Shanti OM! Love this Dear E!

  5. perfect touch, thank you emmanuelle 😉

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