Music Monday – Wake Up

I love reading. Reading new blogs, finding new nuggets of wisdom, advice, information, inspiration, subscribing to newsletters and getting these nuggets directly in my inbox.

Which then starts to look like a battlefield, with all these newsletters unkept, piling up and mostly unread. Yes, unread.

Now you’re asking, why subscribe if you don’t read them? I guess because I was looking for answers. Answers from people-who-know-better. Answers from people-who-have-made-it. They could tell me, they could show me the way, them of Superior Wisdom. They would never introduce themselves this way though, and never pretend they knew better. It was just my mind and the projections of my not-enough-ness that cast these shadows.

After a whole year of yoga teacher training, and a first coaching training, I have finally woken up. No one will give me the answers, no one. Except me. 

So yesterday, I unsubscribed from a whole bunch of lovely but non-serving-anymore newsletters. Somebody else might need them more than I do, somebody might have their own a-ha moments reading them. As for me, I have had holy-shit moments experiencing, and I’m waving these babies goodbye.

If you subscribe to newsletters and the likes, how do they really serve you, if at all?

PS: that was totally not the post I thought would come up, but it’s fine, yup yup.


2 responses to “Music Monday – Wake Up

  1. I feel the same way.. I often get newsletters but just wonder why I did. kudos for doing the clean up

  2. me too, i end up with a bunch i never read, those i chunk

    then i have a few i finally get to, once in awhile, i hold the most recent, cause i know i’ll just enjoy reading something from that particular person

    and then there’s those i need to read, tech info, breaking news info, what! info 😉 and, though i still may not read them for awhile, i hold them

    and finally, there’s those from folk i just enjoy reading, even if not everyday, though eventually i catch up 😉

    why? sharing, sometimes learning, sometimes testing my own thoughts, sometimes just for fun 😉

    there’s a kindred spiritness that appeals, maybe some of what carol horton calls yogging, i don’t know, doesn’t matter what it is i guess, though the “kindred-ness” seems important to me

    that’s it, gotta go, just saw a post from (yadda yadda) come in 😉

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