Full Buck Moon – July 2011

The question was: “what do I want to step into and create this month?”

Well, after these full four days of training in Consciousness Coaching, here I come: I want – and I DO – step into my power and I want and will create the life I want to live. And this is only a summary.

I am still reveling in the energy of these intensive days. The training has been empowering, inspiring, moving me, and I can’t wait for to dive deeper, continue the curriculum and bring these teachings and tools to people who need a hand in their life. You are no different from all the wonderful people, trainers and trainees, I had the honour to meet and work with this weekend, and I can’t wait to show you how beautiful and powerful you are. There are so many new possibilities opening up for me right now, I can’t wait to help you create the life you want to live. I can’t wait.

Because what I’ve learnt this weekend, what I have finally integrated, is that we cannot be stopped, we truly are equipped to make our life what we want it to be, find and fulfill our life purpose, with a endless reservoir of energy lying within us, waiting to be awakened and used.

It is time.


6 responses to “Full Buck Moon – July 2011

  1. What a beautiful dreamboard! I love the colors and images, and can feel the power behind it. I hope that your dreams of creating the life that you want come true. ♥

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