Why I Am Doing What I Am Doing Next Week

Brussels this morning, work in progress © Emmanuelle Lambert

I am a big reader. Big. Ok not physically but you get the picture. And a seeker.

Meaning I read a whole hell of a lot, I read every and any article whose title appeals to me. For inspiration, discovery, insight, fun, and did I mention inspiration?

For years I have found myself nodding in agreement countless times over countless articles, texts and books, thinking “yes! this is what I should do!”. And then doing nothing.

Doing nothing, because in spite of all my readings, my insights, discoveries and inspirations come from myself. From my core. If you don’t feel a physical shift or a punch in the guts, then all the readings in the world can do nothing for ya.

Overtime I’ve had gentle nudges that have put me in the right direction, the right direction for me that is, but ultimately I found the answers myself (by the way, you have no idea of the uproar taking place inside right now, but oh boy have I had some ma-juh breakthroughs this week, thanks to my last conversation with my teacher). We are our own best teachers aren’t we?

That said, I wish somehow the process had not taken so long. I wish I’d had someone with me 5 years ago, asking me the same questions I asked my friends when they needed guidance, when I wanted to change jobs and didn’t. I wish I’d had someone guiding me 4 years ago when I changed jobs and took something I believed would be satisfying (merely “satisfying”? Meh). I wish I’d had someone more than a year ago to help me understand the true implications of this intensive course I’d just done. I wish I’d had someone who could have helped me work through my fears (I have news for you: they’re only masks for something else, more on that later – do I master the art of cliffhangers or what?).

Which is why I have trained to be a yoga teacher and to this end I will always be a yoga student.

Which is why, starting next week, I will be training to be the coach I wish I’d met then.

Only funnier.

I know, why train if you already feel you are one? Because these gifts, these jewels inside need a bigger box. This voice of mine needs some amping up to help you amp yours. So let’s kick the Invisible Divine Megaphone on and amplify that VaVaVoom Voice! 



2 responses to “Why I Am Doing What I Am Doing Next Week

  1. Sounds amazing and inspirational. And, I award you 50 extra points for fabulous use of the word “booyah”! 😉 Enjoy!!

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