Lulu Lesson

10 Life Lessons my 3-month old kitty taught me

© Emmanuelle Lambert

  1. Start walking. Then try jumping. Then jump HIGHER.
  2. Explore, explore, and explore more.
  3. Don’t listen to naysayers when you have a dream in mind. Try, and if they say no, try again (if they yell at you and look like they want to slap you in the face, you might want to pay attention though.).
  4. Don’t get out of your comfort zone, expand it.
  5. Flexibility and adaptation are key.
  6. Take care of yourself, and if you need rest, then rest. And then rest some more.
  7. Eat when you are hungry. Stop when you are not.
  8. Don’t forget to play.
  9. Feed your mind and keep reading. Eating books is optional.
  10. You want something? Claim it, loudly. This might include 5am fierce meowing for cuddles and hugs, totally acceptable.
As I am heading to London tonight for my YTT final exam, I might take some of these with me 🙂

10 responses to “Lulu Lesson

  1. this is great! good luck on the exam 🙂

  2. play and don’t forget, eating the books is optional 😉

  3. Scarlet & I are sending you good vibes for your exam! We know you’ll be awesome!


  4. Lulu is wise and SO SO CUTE!

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