Music Monday – Blue Monday

Ooooh, a change of plans!

I figured kicking the week off with music would be a perfect start actually, especially as I’ve been longing to share this song with you for a while. One of my top five, darlings. I ran my first – and only so far, oops – 5k with the long version of this song in my ears. Funny for a rock chick, n’est-ce pas?

Aaaanyway, this week is all about new beginnings, and new beginnings mean something has to come to an end. This week, I will go to London to take my final YTT exam. I won’t lie to you peeps, I am nervous. See, I’ve never taught in English before, I mean for more than 5 minutes 😀  Then again, living in Brussels, aka the Capital of Europe (allow me to laugh here), this might happen. It will probably. So I’d better get ready and just freaking do it.

After this weekend, I’ll be back to London with Lovely Boyfriend once, for graduation, and then…

Then it’s a whole new path which has already opened up before me. A whole new path entailing another training starting soon, soon as in “in about two weeks’ time between YTT finals and YTT graduation”. Can you tell I love learning?

This will be me growing my fourth limb, making my body of work complete.

What will I be learning? I will learn how to help you shine your light even better by training as a Consciousness Coach. Truth is, I already am a coach, naturally, organically. Meaning I listen and ask the not-so-easy questions 😉 Then why bother with a training? Why not just say this is who I am?

Because this is not the way I work. Otherwise I would have deemed myself a yoga teacher even before training.

But I don’t want to mess up. Not with you.

So I’ll just freaking do it!


8 responses to “Music Monday – Blue Monday

  1. One of my fave tunes ever! thank you.

  2. Congratulations! So excited for you!!! Let me know how the trip to London-town goes!!! xoxoxo

  3. I so so so love this song for some many 80’s teenager reasons ~ thank you posting it ♥♥♥ Love you!

  4. cool! i’ve just signed up for a yin weekend course in October (which feels so far but I’m sure will be here in no time!) and i can’t wait to keep expanding my knowledge, and make my own practice that much more aware as well!

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