(Soul) Work In Progress

© Emmanuelle Lambert

Ooooooh you guys, I am missing you. I am missing you dearly but this lovely place is currently undergoing a few transformations. Yes it is, as you have probably gathered from that new home-made-with-love hippy happy banner at the top of the page.

What this little break – ok I showed up a couple times but still – has brought me, is organic development of Plans On A Comet and a willingness to go beyond myself. This blog has been the witness of my path, my struggles, my discoveries, now it’s high time to share, really really share my gifts with you all.

So yes, this is me then, again: I AM a yoga teacher. I AM an artist. I AM a writer. And there is MORE to come. Yes, I will add soon a fourth limb to my body of work, a fourth limb that I have been considering for ages, even before my YTT. Hint: no matter how I put it, no matter how I play with words, it all gets down to the same thing: my body of work, my Soul Work, is eventually making people feel good about themselves, and overcome their fears to show the world their true radiant self and shine their light. I’m talking about you.

I am ready to step up, I am ready to go out of myself to come to you.

So stay tuned while I’m working on having Plans On A Comet reflecting all of the above. All and even more. POAC is coming back, and I will tell you everything.

Don’t worry, there will still be quirky posts and that lame sense of humour, as well as non-appropriate references to chocolate. Because this is me, too.

(there might be some stopping of sending cryptic tweets too, but I cannot guarantee)

6 responses to “(Soul) Work In Progress

  1. glad you mentioned “I’m talking about you” cause i wasn’t sure 😉

    but either way! really like your new banner (with the criss crossing paths and plays of light), really like your photo (nice hues and contrasts!), and really like your plan to share the all-of-you –

    even if it does still include the so-called-lame humor 😉 reminds me too much of me!

  2. I am looking forward to watching your continued blossoming my dear friend!


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