A Gentle Clearing

Edited to add: you who came to my blog because you’re looking for Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes in Brussels, you’ve come to the right place. Stay tuned as I’m working on setting up a little something for you! Meanwhile, drop me a line (see Contact page) so I can include you in my mailing list and keep you in the loop. Thank you! 

You enjoy my honesty?

Let’s have some more.

I am not right now in a position to take care of this blog as much as I would like to. Food is spilling out of my plate and dirtying my table, I need to attend to the cleaning a little bit.

Hence a gentle clearing my to-do list I have insisted on keeping so far, and I am giving this little blog of mine a well-deserved break.

I need to focus on my life outside of the blogosphere, get back to writing with a pen and paper, take care of the spillage 🙂 I am really enjoying my life right now and I can see some juicy stuff happening real soon though, so not to worry. But, yeah, focus.

I might not last long without you though, so I won’t be gone long! And hopefully with plenty to write about, so stay tuned! I’ll be around anyway, probably tweeting nonsense 🙂

I love you dear friends, thank you for everything, you have brought me more than you can imagine.

See you soon!

8 responses to “A Gentle Clearing

  1. I hope everything is ok.. We’ll be here when you come back!

    • Thanks Nancy. Don’t worry everything’s ok, I just thought I could fit a thousand things in 24 hours and it’s not possible 😀 Working my a** off on every level, so some things need to be put aside for now. I’ll be back bouncing! Thank you again for your support ❤

  2. I always find a little break gets the juices flowing again

  3. Take as much time as you need Emm! Seems to be the time of year for all of us to refocus and move away from sitting in front of a computer as often! Will be thinking of you . . .

    • I’m not that far, but blogging has been more of a chore that I have to do than something I’m happily maintaining. It’s not blogging in itself though, it’s the overwhelm with all the work I have been doing, and yeah, have to choose 🙂 Thanks!

  4. see you soon, love dove. i hear you on the need for a break. we’ll be here when you come back. 😉 xo!

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