June Goddess [Free Print]

June. A month starting with a new Moon for renewal, a partial eclipse, then Summer Solstice. Not to mention a change of season. Can you feel the energy?

I can. Something is stirring, something is in the air, something waiting not so patiently, something lurking at the threshold. What exactly? Only time will tell.

As we’re diving into and embracing this month, let the June Goddess accompany us. She was born out of the blue, on a whim, she was lurking and then she showed herself. Partially.

I have spent ages wondering what she would look like. But then I realized I had to leave her face blank and colourless. Because, really, it’s up to you. You are the one deciding what will unravel in June and what you want your Goddess to look like.

Meditate, flow, dance, run, sing. Then pick up your pencils or paints, and draw and colour her face and her body. Listen to your creative self, and have fun!

Here is your June Goddess!

(Click on the pic for the juicy .pdf)

Will this be one of your #3Joys?


4 responses to “June Goddess [Free Print]

  1. She is so beautiful Emm! You’re quite talented!

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