Music Wednesday – Joy!

June, it’s JUNE, for guru’s sake! I know, every month it’s always the same, me wondering where the time goes, yadda yadda yadda, the record player is getting rusty already.

It’s just another day. Another day when we will laugh, we will smile, we will cry, we will struggle, we will work, we will move, we will think sometimes too much… “Métro boulot dodo” as the French saying goes – “Tube, work, bed”.

Just another day. Or is it, really?

A couple of weeks ago it -finally- dawned on me that there wasn’t “just another day”. Each day is unique by definition. There won’t be another Wednesday 1st of June, 2011. So what makes each day memorable, what makes your heart sing, even for 5 minutes?

For a couple of weeks, at the end of the day, I’ve taken the habit of writing down 3 joys, 3 things that made my heart sing, 3 things that literally made my day. 3 things that have me smile to sleep. So I figured, why not share?

So today, I am launching officially “3 Joys in June”!

Every day of the month of June, I will pay attention, be present, be aware of the things, even small, that make my heart sing with joy. They can be anything, from moments to things, it can be that square of chocolate you had, the 5 minutes you spent sitting quietly on the porch, the 10 you took to play with your pet, the smile on your kid’s face this morning, a moment shared with your significant other… When you felt good, really good.

Want to join me? Then leave a comment on this post, and join me every day at the end of your day wherever you are on Plans On A Comet’s Facebook page to share your 3 joys, or more if you wish! You can also share on Twitter with the hashtag #3Joys or write down your joys in your journal if you prefer.

You in? 🙂

(PS: I’m a huge fan of Joy Division but I figured posting “She’s lost control” or “Disorder” would not have been the best move ever. Still… :D)

© Emmanuelle Lambert

2 responses to “Music Wednesday – Joy!

  1. Love it! I’m in! May gratitude expand!

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