How to Create an Altar [Guest Post]

Dear readers I am so happy for you. So happy, because by stopping here today you’re in for a treat, brought to you by yoga teacher, entrepreneur and blogger extraordinaire Courtney Pearce of

Courtney is explaining why and how to create an beautiful altar, and you know me, yoga + creativity = heaven 🙂 Get your creative juices and your yoga practice flowing!

4 Reasons to Create an Altar and a 1-minute Tutorial

  1. Touchstone. An altar symbolizes not only that yoga and meditation are important to you, but also peace, serenity, and connection with your creativity. As you practice with these principles as your focal point you are training your mind to silence the inner critic and filling your mind with kind and loving thoughts. Bye Bye negativity…hello creativity and love!
  2. Evokes You to Practice. Every time you walk by your altar I guarantee you you’ll think of practicing yoga. Will you get on the mat every time? Probably not. BUT this remembrance will make your practice much more consistent by calling you to the mat with love.
  3. Creative Expression. Yoga and Creativity go hand-in-hand in my opinion! This altar will be as unique as you are…fill it with the things you love and having this point of reference during your practice will evoke your own original style on the mat.
  4. Space of Reverence. Creating an altar instantly gives your yoga space a sense of reverence and importance. After spending the time and energy to put together a beautiful focal point for your practice you will have instantly instilled this energy into the space.

Need some inspiration to create your altar? Check out this 1-minute tutorial I made! What did you put on your altar?

Meet Courtney!: My name is Courtney Pearce! I am a yoga teacher, creative soul, Great Dane momma, Health Promotions nerd, blogger at, and co-creator of “Dancing in the Fire: A 30 day journey to creativity through yoga and art” with Eliza Tobin. Join us this August to meet your creativity through art journaling, meditation, and yoga! Go to and receive two FREE creative affirmation prints. I look forward to connecting and meeting kindred spirits along the journey to creativity through yoga and art! Namaste.

Now, isn’t that great? If you created an altar and feel like sharing it, feel free to send a pic at I sure will take some time to create mine!


3 responses to “How to Create an Altar [Guest Post]

  1. yoga and art, hmmmm, sounds interesting, lookin’ fwd to more 😉

    though your (emmanuelle’s) photo work already’s doing that, plus, aren’t words an art too? or can be?

  2. This is great! I love having my alter ~ it very important to my practice.


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