Music Wednesday – Gone

While researching an article that you have yet to discover, the magic of Google made me discover this little gem of music video. Not only the music is fab (I may or may not have downloaded the song in case I might or might not want to use it in a class) but also the video is brilliantly and beautifully done. I was hypnotized as I saw the song unravel before my eyes, and forgot about the rest of the world for a moment.

I love when this happens. I love finding sparkles in the cracks of the wooden floor, I love seeing small green leaves making their way through the pavement, I love stumbling upon music and visuals that will take my breath away as I am struggling to write. These lucky encounters make my heart sing.

So you, who stumbled upon my blog because you were wondering if you could teach yoga even when you’re afraid of public speaking, let me be your sparkle on the floor, your leaf cracking the pavement open and tell you this: yes you can.

How would I know? Because I am afraid of public speaking, and I am still training to be a yoga teacher. Yes your stress levels will compete with Mount Everest every time you teach, yes you will be afraid of standing in front of a group waiting for you. Then you will look at your students and realize that it’s not about you, it’s about them. And because you care, you will be fine, just fine.

The public speaking fear? Gone.


5 responses to “Music Wednesday – Gone

  1. poptartyogini

    so glad your teacher training is helping with your fear of public speaking. now you’re accomplishing two things. love it when life works out like that!

  2. is it me? or are you sounding more and more grownup and yet retaining that child-like wonder i like so much about you? 😉

    • I KNOW, even I am surprised at myself. I will still make silly jokes and word puns, even in English, as much as I can, I can’t take myself seriously for too long 😀

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