Yoga Teachers (almost) in Da House

Belgium is a weird little country. No government but still working. Three communities, three regions sometimes overlapping the three communities (no I’m won’t give you a lecture on Belgian politics, I hardly find my way in the political maze). Yoga communities? No such luck. Or small, hard-to-find-hiding-in-the-bush ones. In Flanders you can find vinyasa classes, even hot yoga classes, on top of other styles of course. In Brussels and the South it will be more “traditional” forms, hatha, kundalini, the extremes being iyengar and ashtanga.

I came across the vinyasa style thanks to the internet. Most of my readers (*hello dears*) are outside of Belgium, mostly outside of Europe. I travel to London for YTT. My yoga community is mainly online (*hello again!*).

I can’t be grateful enough for the internet guys.

And now, the internet offers me – and you – again the possibility to expand my playground: I have fallen in love with the new website Yoga Teacher Telesummit.

Why is that? Because the Yoga Teacher Telesummit offers you the opportunity to receive guidance and wisdom from 30 great yoga teachers and other experts, from home, for FREE. Yeah, I know. Check out the full line up here.

So what’s this all about? It’s a global tele-series running from May 11th to 26th, with immediate access to web-replays of recent interviews, as well as the opportunity to join in LIVE on upcoming calls and ask questions of the teachers. Yeah, I know, again.

As a yogini of scarce resources and a yoga teacher trainee, this is just awesome. I listened to Mark Whitwell‘s interview last week, among others, which is something that for now I wouldn’t be able to do. One day I’ll make travel plans to attend any and every workshop I can, when I win the lottery that is, but for now this is a great way of soaking everything I can from home.

I’ll be honest with you here guys: I’m loving this site so much that I am now what they call a YogAffiliate. I hardly ever promote something here but I am so grateful for this website and so in love with it that I felt I had to share. The links I put up here are affiliate links, except the Mark Whitwell one – being in Belgium I don’t have to tell you but since most of you are in the US you have to know 😉

Really, I love the internet!


3 responses to “Yoga Teachers (almost) in Da House

  1. Tal’s created something special, no?

  2. what a great head’s up, hadn’t heard of this til now, thanks so much emmanuelle 😉

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