Full Flower Moon – May 2011

Yup, not usual for me to post on Tuesdays, but it’s that time of the month again. I’m talking about the Full Moon of course, *cue my inner Uma Thurman* what did you expect? No wonder I’ve been craving strong yoga practices for a week. As the moon grows, so do my energy levels.

The theme for this month’s Full Moon Dreamboard is Full Flower: who are you when you are in full flower? Yes, *you*!

So, as I found, perfectly in line with yesterday’s post, here is my Dreamboard:

© Emmanuelle Lambert

Full Flower me is playful, soulful, magical, nurturing, loving, thoughtful. Vibrant and radiant. And probably more 😀

Who is Full Flower you?


15 responses to “Full Flower Moon – May 2011

  1. Full flower me? hmm… not sure I know yet but working on it. i’m in bud stage right about now 😉

    really beautiful board. you are inspring me to try one

    • Yes try, it’s really fun assembling a board and you never know where it might take you 🙂
      I have reconnected with my creative side doing this kind of things!

  2. A lovely dreamboard and sentiments.

    I will be assembling mine this morning after breakfast. It is my first one! I am really looking forward to it 🙂

  3. The little girl blowing a bubble has a similar hairstyle to the mystery woman I wrote about yesterday and who wound up having a prime (and very important) spot on my finished dreamboard… yes — I went further and deeper!! Love your board, so whimsical and yes, so you!!

    Happy full moon!

  4. The colour red shows up in your dreamboard. Lovely board.

  5. Emmanuelle, my fellow goddess, your dreamboard is beautiful! May all of your dreams come true. ♥

  6. I love the way dream boards give others a peek into a person’s psyche. What fun your full flower self is! May your moonth be full of beauty.

  7. Such a fun dreamboard! I really like the mix of drawings and photos.

    May you have a fun-filled, magical month ahead! 🙂

  8. *Squee!* I love this! Beautifully made. May all your moon dreamings come true. 🙂

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