5 minutes, colour markers © Emmanuelle Lambert

I am going to let you in on some stuff we’ve been discussing here in this yogini’s household: do you know how long we have been discussing moving out of Belgium and applying for immigration to Canada? I don’t even remember myself, but it’s been a while.

On Wednesday Lovely Boyfriend sent me an email from work, about a coworker of his who was giving away three kittens. This devil of a boyfriend sent the pics as well. Kitty pictures. Now I’m a cold-hearted mothafucka but c’mon, kitty pics. There was even a kid thrown in there for good measure. Every cell of my body went “Aaaaaawwww so cuuuuuuuuute!”.

Two days later, and here we are, getting ready to welcome a little kitty in our home next week.

Does it make sense? Honestly it doesn’t. What the hell does this all mean? I don’t know.

Lately I’ve been making decisions mostly on what I feel, not on what I think. I’m writing my best stuff when I don’t think. I’m drawing my best stuff when I don’t think. I’m having the best yoga practices when I don’t think.

I’m making decisions when I’m free flowing, not being held back by my buzzing brain. I’m making decisions according to the way I feel about the choices, not according to the way I think. Even though I ponder everything (and I mean, EVERYTHING – I’m a Capricorn for f**k’s sake), ultimately I go with what my body tells me.

My body told me to get the kitty before she got sent to a refuge, my body is telling me that I don’t really want to go too far from my family, my body might be telling me to let go of moving further than Europe. Maybe. Who knows what life can bring? Now with a little life to take care of, one would think it grounds us even more where we are. But no, oh no, I don’t think this is how things will unravel. I can feel it. In my body.

How do *you* make decisions? What happens when you listen to your guts?


12 responses to “Free/Flow

  1. Really??? CANADA??? OUUU- Halifax!!!! hahaa.

    Ah- you can move w a Kitten too, it’s not impossible you know 🙂
    But yes, I tend to feel better when I make decisions on the fly- but sometimes the balance is what does best- not overthought, but not too spontaneous. pour moi anyway> 🙂

    • Yeah, that was the plan 🙂
      Moving with a kitten wouldn’t be a problem, but the proceedings to be granted a permanent visa are hell on earth 😀

  2. your enthusiasm is rampant!

    must definitely be time for a kitten, endless-loving-squirmers 😉

    for me, sometimes letting things flow by feel or intuition alone, for awhile, is very good for me; other times, i gotta ground and dig into details

    so, if what’s working for you now works, well… 😉

    • 😉
      I know, I don’t make decisions in 30 seconds either, but while I used to over-think about every little detail, now is not the case. I still ponder and rationalize, because that’s what I do, but I take more into consideration the way I feel about the decisions too 🙂

  3. My class theme this week was “listening to your gut” after I learned that our gut (intestinal tract) has more neurons than our spinal column. So we literally do think with our gut! I loved it so much I repeated it a million times this week…

  4. Listening to your body and your intuition is the sanest thing you can do. Yay for kitteh! 🙂

  5. I always listen to my body & third eye for decisions – they are loud & clear on what does & doesn’t work. The mind has leaned to follow.

    Love to you & the kitty!

  6. more, more! i love it when that girl appears. 😉

    also, congrats on your kitty! you’re about to meet your new best friend. cats are the smartest, loveliest beings.

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